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Jarrett Middle School Library Media Center Proposal.

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1 Jarrett Middle School Library Media Center Proposal

2 Proposed by: F. Yokoyama Library Media Specialist

3 Library & School Vision Kulia I ka nuu Strive to reach the highest

4 Vision Create a media center for students, and faculty where… Teaching and technical support is available to students and faculty

5 Goal magnet To become a magnet middle school

6 The possibilities The potential Tronic

7 A multi-media center allows Jarrett to offer: In-service computer training I.e. AR testing Visual Teaching (hear, see, apply) Sample: Real time Teleconferencing for students and faculty

8 Students will be able to… Give professional presentations Polish their public speaking skills

9 Students will be able to… Create and present morning bulletins

10 Students will be able to… Student-to–student teaching & learning Sample: Access to school lessons Listen to teachers lectures if absent sample: Review teachers lessons before tests Sample:

11 Student benefits student work is on-line, accessible 24/7 No excuse of… I forgot my assignment at school I forgot my homework at home

12 Students will be able to… Create their own school annual and DVD Write and publish their own books

13 The old adage… Use it or… Lose it

14 Apply and use their technology knowledge and skills in all classes Sample: Retain and continually improve their technology computer literacy skills Students will be able to…

15 Accomplish General Learner Outcomes Produce products Sample: Access, evaluate, and use accurate information Sample:

16 Students will be able to.. Create an on-line electronic evidence portfolio Document their achievements

17 On-line evidence portfolio Will fulfill the evidence requirement for Standards based report cards Captures work in real time video Sample:

18 On-line evidence portfolio shows progression of work and improvements from initial work to final product for student projects

19 On-line evidence portfolio Show student accomplishments and growth in course work over three years Record and Graph student improvement in: Benchmarks testing HSA tests

20 On-line evidence portfolio View concrete student work capabilities across disciplines: Student Math Science English Social Studies Electives

21 On-line evidence portfolio View at student work capabilities: Over time 6 th 7 th 8 th high school View student assessment evidence Sample:

22 On-line evidence portfolio Can be used during Student-led parent conferences at school or via teleconferencing

23 Students Electronic portfolio Can be viewed over time by: Parents during the school year High school teachers Colleges Scholarship committees Future resume

24 Students Electronic portfolio Can be viewed via secured Internet site District meetings State / national Conferences

25 Benefits Saves Time Effort Energy

26 Benefits Makes Jarrett a 21 st century school

27 Thank you Questions, please contact F. Yokoyama at:

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