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Soil Run-off in Koko Marina Arianna Ondo, Sascha Williams, Francesca Diaz Hahaione Elementary Grade 6.

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2 Soil Run-off in Koko Marina Arianna Ondo, Sascha Williams, Francesca Diaz Hahaione Elementary Grade 6

3 Observations We saw dirt flying in the wind and flowing in the marina at construction sites. When it rained in a residential area we saw fertilizer that someone poured on their lawn going into the water.

4 Research Question Is water in certain areas of Koko Marina more polluted by soil run-off than other areas?

5 Backround Information Turbidity and transparency is a test of water clarity and suspended materials. Soil run-off blocks light for animals, plants, and ruins the whole habitat by changing temperature, ph, and turbidity because the dirt covers the bottom. Pflueger was charged $5,000-$50,000 for doing construction that led to muddy rainwater running into Pilaa Bay.He polluted the water so bad he violated the law.

6 Hypothesis If there is construction in the middle part of Koko marina then, the water near the construction sites will be more turbid and less transparent than the areas farther away because construction dust and debris will add to soil run off.

7 Materials 1. Turbidity test kit 2. Transparency tube 3.Pencil 4.Paper 5. Gloves 6. Gallon buckets 7. Beakers (scoop or cup) 8. Umbrella 9. Calculator 10. Testing Sites (Residential, Construction,ETC.)

8 Procedure-Transparency 1. Drop bucket with rope into water, then pull out 2. Take beaker and scoop water from the bucket (make sure your in the shade) 3. Pour slowly into tube 4. Repeat until you cant see the black and white disk any more 5. Then read the number of cm where the water level is at and write down 6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have tested all sites 6-10 times

9 Procedure-Turbidity 1. Fill the bucket with water up to the line 2. Compare the disk in the bucket to the turbidity chart 3. Write down the results in JTU 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have done all sites 6-10 times

10 Testing Sites Boat Harbor Hancock Landing Pizza Hut Mariners Cove Post Office Agriculture Koko Isle The Penninsula

11 Testing Sites

12 Results and Analysis of Koko Marina Turbidity Analysis-Mariners Cove is the highest in turbidity than the other sites. This maybe because its by a sewer treatment station or because its by a canal.The boat harbor, agriculture and post office were all 40 JTU, but dont have similar character- eristics. All of the settled places like residential and commercial sites arent very turbid.

13 Results and Analysis of Koko Marina-Transparency Analysis- The lowest places are the boat harbor, mariners cove,and the Penninsula because they are all 50-30 cm.The higher places are Hancock landing, Pizza hut, Post office, and Koko Isle because they are all settled places from 90-60 cm. Everything that is low has some way of polluting the water. All high places are settled and dont erode as much.

14 Conclusion Our hypothesis was correct in a certain way. Construction lets lots of soil run-off into the marina and it will effect its habitat in a bad way. But its not the only problem. One area had very bad results and many reasons for the results being that way it could be the sewer plant by the area or the canal. Lets just say Koko Marina has many problems that need to be fixed or our data might be the one that needs to be fixed. This leads to our next step.

15 Next Step Test more construction sites to see if the data was good and that the development will hurt the marina Send letters to the Koko Marina board showing our studies and telling them they need to find a way to stop the runoff from the construction sites and sewers (like replacing pipes)

16 The End Any questions?

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