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Constellation Report 1 page and a picture Easy!!!.

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1 Constellation Report 1 page and a picture Easy!!!

2 Name of Constellation This is the super easiest part
Write the name of your constellation

3 Location Using Right Ascension and Declination Describing where it is

4 Translation and Legend
Translation – what does the name of the constellation mean. Eg. Microscopium means “the microscope” Legend – what is the story behind the constellation – many come from Greek or Roman myths. If there is no legend – what does it look like, who came up with the name…

5 Picture / Map Give a picture or map of that constellation.
This can be from the web, from books, or you can draw it based on those sources.

6 Cool Stuff in the Constellation
Many of these constellations have cool “faint fuzzies” in them (Taurus has M1, Orion has M42) Galaxies – Nebula - Clusters Others have important asterisms – (Taurus has the Pleiades, Sagittarius has the “teapot”, Ursa Major has the “Big Dipper”) Some have other important things – (Cygnus has Cygnus X-1 – a probable black hole!) binary stars – variable stars

7 Example Lepus Location RA 5hr 10 min Dec. -15 degrees
Lepus is the constellation of the Rabbit Lepus is an ancient constellation found under the feet of Orion, the Hunter.  The creature is associated with the Moon in mythology.  Some say that the dark regions on the surface of the Moon are a rabbit, originally Lepus.  The rabbit was the favorite prey of Orion and his hunting dogs.

8 Grading Name 5 Location 5 Translation / Legend 10 Picture / Map 10
Cool things

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