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Kamehameha I By: John K. Andrade.

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1 Kamehameha I By: John K. Andrade

2 Kamehameha’s Legendary Birth
Kamehameha was born at Kokoiki, Hawaii in Kohala on the Big Island His Mother was Queen Kekuiapoiwa II His Father was King Keoua Nui His birth name was “Pai’ea”, which means “Hard-Shelled Crab” Scientists think that Halley’s comet was seen during Kamehameha’s birth. That’s why it was so legendary.

3 Halley’s Comet

4 How did he learn how to fight?
Kamehameha was taught how to fight by my ancestor, Kekuhaupi’o Kekuhaupi’o was the best warrior in all Hawaii at that time

5 How did Kamehameha Conquer all the Hawaiian Islands?
He and his army sailed to each island in Peleleu War Canoes and forced the chief or chiefess to give up his or her throne.

6 What was Kamehameha’s First Battle?
His first battle was against Chief Kahekili, the chief of Maui

7 What was Kamehameha’s Last Battle?
His last battle was at the Nu’uanu Pali in O’ahu He Forced O’ahu’s warriors right of the Pali (cliff)

8 Who was Kamehameha’s spouse?
Kamehameha had a few spouses. His absolute favorite spouse was Queen Ka’ahumanu.

9 Who was Kamehameha’s heir to the throne?
Kamehameha’s heir was Liholiho, also known as Kamehameha II Liholiho was Kamehameha’s first child.

10 What did Kamehameha do when Liholiho took over?
Kamehameha acted as an administrator. He had the authority to keep things in order.

11 Kamehameha’s Death Kamehameha died in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1819.
He probably died when he was 61 years old Kamehameha’s body was buried in secret by his trusted friends, Hoapili and Ho’olulu

12 Kamehameha Day Kamehameha Day occurs every June 11th of every year
It celebrates the unification of the islands People drape Leis on his statue every time this holiday occurs

13 Interesting Fact! Did you know that Kamehameha I created Hawaii’s state flag? He used the British Jack in the corner to symbolize our relations with Britain

14 Project Resources Kamehameha I on Wikipedia: Google Images: Kamehameha I on Biography Base:

15 Thanks for Watching!

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