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Gold By: Tatiana Shelden.

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1 Gold By: Tatiana Shelden

2 Information on Gold Atomic name:Au Atomic Number:79
Atomic Weight: Melting point:1337 K (2856 C or 5173 F) Phase at room temperature:Solid Element classification:Metal

3 More Information on Gold
Density: grams per cubic centimeter Period Number:6 Group Number:11 Group Name:No group name

4 Who &When Was it Discovered
James William Marshall was the person who discovered the gold atom in the year of 1848.

5 Uses for Gold Gold is a really useful metal for electronics because of its inertness and physical properties. Gold is used for electrical contacts,spring contacts,bonding wires, solder alloys,bumping wires, electro planting,and sputtering targets. Gold is also useful brazing material.Gold is used for coating space satellites, as it is a good IR reflector and is inert.

6 What is in an Atom 79 protons 79 electrons 3 neutrons

7 Another use for Gold One use for gold is as to be worn as jewelry
Another use is for wealth and health. In the ancient times gold was used for health and Egypt used the gold for their Kings or their leader the people of Egypt burry their kings with gold and money

8 Images of silly gold uses

9 Here are some high priced gold

10 Was There such Thing as Gold dogs?
Yes there is gold dogs called golden retrievers.

11 Thank you for watching :)

12 Bibliography

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