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US Army Corps of Engineers Budgeting Process

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1 US Army Corps of Engineers Budgeting Process
Sherry L. Adams Project Manager, Huntington District

2 STEP 1 - Initial Problem Identification
Lock / Dam Replacement - Inland Waterways System Salmon Mitigation Waterfront Development Environmental Infrastructure Needs Environ. Restoration Port / Harbor Deepenings Flooding Beach Erosion/Hurricane Protection Wetland Losses Ecosystem Restoration Water Supply Navigation Environmental Infrastructure Needs “High Priority” Missions: Flood Damage Reduction Commercial Navigation Ecosystem Restoration Letter to Corps District Office Inform Congressional Representative

3 STEP 2 - Congressional Study Resolution / Authorization
Passage ~ 2-yr. Intervals WRDA Bill Authority - Congress! Study Resolutions WRDA Bills Standing Authorities Appropriations Bills ( Step 1 ) Member Have we studied the problem before? Environment & Public Works Committee Transportation & Infrastructure Committee OR Senate Resolution House Resolution - Signed by President

4 STEP 3 - Initial Study Funding
Coordination DIVISION WRDA HR/SR HQUSACE (Step 2 ) Budget Cycle 1/ President’s Budget ( G I ) “High Priority” Missions Flood Damage Reduction Navigation Ecosystem Restoration

5 Budget Cycle HQ Provides Budget Guidance ( Mar ) HQ Review & Approval
( May -Jun ) OMB Provides Budget Guidance ( Jan ) Field Offices Develop Program Requirements ( Apr - May ) Funding Alloc. To Field Offices ( Oct - Dec ) Budget Cycle Budget Presented to Sec. Army (Jul - Aug ) Budget Submitted to OMB ( Sep ) Cong. Hearings ( Mar - Apr ) OMB Passback ( Nov ) President Signs Approp. Bill ( Sep - Oct ) Appropriations Bills ( Jul - Sep ) President’s Budget to Congress ( Feb )

6 Continuing Authority Program (CAP)
Projects with smaller scope, cost and complexity Delegated authority to design and construct without specific Congressional authorization

7 Existing CAP Funding Policies
Complete existing construction projects No new project cooperation agreements Congressional authorization for start or continuation of study (Naming or earmark)

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