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Learning the United States

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1 Learning the United States
The United States of America Learning the United States

2 Menu To see more information about the slide
show and learn how to get around. To start the slide show. To select only the states you want to visit. To visit the Question and Answer section.

3 The United States of America
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4 Dedication This project is dedicated to all the Americans who have died fighting for my freedom. In the 226 years that the United States has existed, many people believed in freedom so much that they died fighting to save the United States from our enemies. On September 11, 2001, freedom began to mean something to me. I saw planes hitting buildings filled with people who were free to earn money for their families. The planes were driven by people who force women to hide behind veils and children to die before they turn five because they can’t visit a doctor. To all the children who lost parents on September 11th in our War Against Terrorism: I think you are heroes of the best kind. God will help you grow up without a mother or a father and still be the best you can be. Love, Kirsten S.

5 Intended Audience This slide show project is intended for fourth and fifth grade students who are learning about the fifty states in the USA.

6 Content Students will be able to learn: State capital and nickname
Number of state and date of admission The flags, birds, trees, and flowers that represent each state

7 How To Get Around Users can navigate through the slide show in alphabetical order of the state by clicking on each screen. Users can click on the individual state abbreviation on the United States map, and it will take them directly to the state. To return to the United States map click on the state flag. Return to Menu

8 Alabama The Yellowhammer State Capital: Montgomery
22nd State – December 14, 1819 Yellowhammer Longleaf Pine Camellia

9 Alaska The Last Frontier Capital: Juneau 49th State – January 3, 1959
Willow Ptarmigan Sitka Spruce Forget-Me-Not

10 Arizona The Grand Canyon State
Capital: Phoenix 48th state – February 14, 1912 Cactus Wren Paloverde Saguaro Cactus

11 Arkansas The Natural State Capital: Little Rock
25th State - June 15, 1836 Mockingbird Pine Apple Blossom

12 California The Golden State Capital: Sacramento
31st State September 9, 1850 Valley Quail Redwood Golden Poppy

13 Colorado The Centennial State Capital: Denver
38th State August 1, 1876 Lark Bunting Blue Spruce Columbine

14 Connecticut The Constitution State Capital: Hartford
5th State - January 9, 1788 Robin White Oak Mountain Laurel

15 Delaware The First State Capital: Dover 1st State - December 7, 1787
Blue Hen Chicken American Holly Peach Blossom

16 Florida The Sunshine State Capital: Tallahassee
27th State - March 3, 1845 Mockingbird Sabal Palm Orange Blossom

17 Georgia The Peach State Capital: Atlanta 4th State - January 2, 1788
Brown Thrasher Live Oak Cherokee Rose

18 Hawaii The Aloha State Capital: Honolulu 50th State - August 21, 1959
Nene Kukui Yellow Hibiscus

19 Idaho The Gem State Capital: Boise 43rd State - July 3, 1890 Syringa
White Pine Bluebird

20 Illinois The Prairie State Capital: Springfield
21st State - December 3, 1818 Cardinal Violet White Oak

21 Indiana The Hoosier State Capital: Indianapolis
19th State - December 11, 1816 Cardinal Tulip Tree Peony

22 Iowa The Hawkeye State Capital: Des Moines 29th State - December 28, 1846 Wild Rose Oak Eastern Goldfinch

23 Kansas The Sunflower State Capital: Topeka
34th State- January 29, 1861 Western Meadowlark Cottonwood Sunflower

24 Kentucky The Bluegrass State Capital: Frankfort
15th State- June 1, 1792 Cardinal Tulip Poplar Goldenrod

25 Louisiana The Pelican State Capital: Baton Rouge
18th State – April 30, 1812 Brown Pelican Bald Cypress Magnolia

26 Maine The Pine Tree State Capital: Augusta 23rd State- March 1820
Chickadee Pine Cone and Tassel White Pine

27 Maryland The Old Line State Capital: Annapolis 7th State – April 1788
Baltimore Oriole White Oak Black-eyed Susan

28 Massachusetts The Bay State Capital: Boston
6th State – February 6, 1788 Chickadee American Elm Mayflower

29 Michigan The Wolverine State Capital: Lansing
26th State- January 26, 1837 Robin White Pine Apple Blossom

30 Minnesota Land of 10,000 Lakes Capital: St. Paul
32nd State – May 11, 1858 Common Loon Norway Pine Lady Slipper

31 Mississippi The Magnolia State Capital: Jackson
20th State – December 10, 1817 Mockingbird Magnolia Magnolia

32 Missouri The Show Me State Capital: Jefferson City
24th State- August 10, 1821 Bluebird Dogwood Hawthorn

33 Montana The Treasure State Capital: Helena
41st State- November 8, 1889 Western Meadowlark Bitterroot Ponderosa Pine

34 Nebraska The Cornhusker State Capital: Lincoln
37th State – March 1, 1867 Western Meadowlark Cottonwood Goldenrod

35 Nevada The Silver State Capital: Carson City
36th State – October 31, 1864 Mountain Bluebird Single Leaf Pinon Sagebrush

36 New Hampshire The Granite State Capital: Concord
9th State – June 21, 1788 Purple Finch White Birch Purple Lilac

37 New Jersey The Garden State Capital: Trenton
3rd State - December 18, 1787 Eastern Goldfinch Red Oak Purple Violet

38 New Mexico The Land of Enchantment Capital: Santa Fe
47th State – January 6, 1912 Roadrunner Yucca Pinon

39 New York The Empire State Capital: Albany 11th State – July 26, 1788
Bluebird Sugar Maple Rose

40 North Carolina The Tarheel State Capital: Raleigh
12th State – November 21, 1789 Cardinal Pine Dogwood

41 North Dakota The Peace Garden State Capital: Bismarck
39th State – November 2, 1889 Western Meadowlark American Elm Wild Prairie Rose

42 Ohio The Buckeye State Capital: Columbus 17th State – March 1, 1803
Cardinal Buckeye Carnation

43 Oklahoma The Sooner State Capital: Oklahoma City
46th State – November 16, 1907 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Redbud Mistletoe

44 Oregon The Beaver State Capital: Salem 33rd State – February 14, 1859
Western Meadowlark Douglas Fir Oregon Grape

45 Pennsylvania The Keystone State Capital: Harrisburg
2nd State – December 12, 1787 Ruffled Grouse Hemlock Mountain Laurel

46 Rhode Island The Ocean State Capital: Providence
13th State – May 29, 1790 Rhode Island Red Red Maple Violet

47 South Carolina Capital: Columbia 8th State – 23, 1788 Carolina Wren
Palmetto Yellow Jessamine

48 South Dakota Mount Rushmore State Capital: Pierre
40th State – November 2, 1889 Ring-necked Pheasant Click to see Mount Rushmore Black Hills Spruce Pasque

49 South Dakota: Mt. Rushmore
Faces of four presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln Carved by Gutzon Borglum from 1927 to 1931 Return to SD slide

50 Tennessee The Volunteer State Capital: Nashville
16th State – June 1, 1796 Mockingbird Tulip Poplar Iris

51 Texas The Lone Star State Capital: Austin
28th State – December 29, 1845 Mockingbird Pecan Bluebonnet

52 Utah The Beehive State Capital: Salt Lake City
4th State – January 4, 1896 California Gull Blue Spruce Sego Lily

53 Vermont The Green Mountain State Capital: Montpelier
14th State – March 4, 1791 Hermit Thrush Sugar Maple Red Clover

54 Virginia The Old Dominion State Capital: Richmond
10th State June 25, 1788 Cardinal Dogwood Flowering Dogwood

55 Washington The Evergreen State Capital: Olympia
42nd State – November 11, 1889 Willow Goldfinch Western Hemlock Rhododendron

56 West Virginia The Mountain State Capital: Charleston
42nd State – November 11, 1889 Cardinal Sugar Maple Rhododendron

57 Wisconsin The Badger State Capital: Madison 30th State – May 29, 1848
Robin Sugar Maple Wood Violet

58 Wyoming The Equality State Capital: Cheyenne
44th State – July 10, 1890 Meadowlark Cottonwood Indian Paintbrush

59 Credits The photograph of the Yellowhammer on the Alabama slide is courtesy of Stephanie Monoitte. The photograph of the Camellia on the Alabama slide is courtesy of D.L. Pietryka. The photograph of the California Gull on the Utah slide is courtesy of Jim Stanz. The photograph of the White Oak on the Maryland slide is courtesy of Tom Darden. Return to Menu

60 How Much Did You Learn? Each of the following slides has a question and some possible answers. Choose the one you think is best by clicking on the button. Start the Test

61 Capital of Minnesota What is the capital of Minnesota? St. Paul
2. Charleston 3. Minneapolis Next Question 4. Lansing

62 First State What was the first state to be admitted to the Union?
1. New York 2. Delaware Next Question 3. Pennsylvania 4. Massachusetts

63 Concord is the capital of …
What state’s capital is Concord? 1. New Hampshire 2. Rhode Island Next Question 3. Vermont 4. New Jersey

64 Pacific Coast States What states have the Pacific Ocean on their coast? 1. Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina 2. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Next Question 3. California, Oregon, Washington 4. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan

65 Mount Rushmore What state is Mount Rushmore in? 1. South Dakota
2. Minnesota Next Question 3. North Dakota 4. Wisconsin

66 Last State What was the last state to be admitted to the Union?
1. Alaska Next Question 2. Hawaii 3. Oklahoma 4. Arizona

67 Capital of Delaware What is the capital of Delaware? 1. Frankfort
2. Reno Next Question 3. Dover 4. Detroit

68 Land of 10,000 Lakes Which state’s nickname is “Land of 10,000 Lakes?”
1. Michigan 2. Ohio Next Question 3. New York 4. Minnesota

69 Capital of Kansas What is the capital of Kansas? 1. Helena
2. Springfield Next Question 3. Boise 4. Topeka

70 Southern States Which states are southern states?
1. Maine, Colorado, and Mississippi 2. Florida, Georgia, and Alabama 3. California, Ohio, and Utah Next Question 4. New York, Texas, and Maine

71 Location of New Mexico Where is New Mexico located?
1. In the northeast. Next Question 2. Next to Alaska. 3. Between Texas and Oklahoma. 4. West of Texas and east of Arizona.

72 Capital of Florida What is the capital of Florida? 1. Augusta
Next Question 2. Lansing 3. Tallahassee 4. Trenton

73 Border Canada Which states border Canada? 1. Texas and Indiana
2. Montana and North Dakota Next Question 3. Wyoming and Oregon 4. Wisconsin and Iowa

74 Capital of New York What is the capital of New York? 1. Albany
Next Question 2. Hartford 3. Richmond 4. Madison

75 Great Lakes Which state touches the most Great Lakes? 1. Colorado
Next Question 2. New York 3. Michigan 4. Ohio

76 Border Gulf of Mexico Which states border the Gulf of Mexico?
1. Texas, Ohio, and Indiana 2. Montana, Mississippi, and North Dakota Next Question 3. Louisiana, Texas, and Florida 4. California, Arizona, and New Mexico

77 Austin is the Capital of…
What state’s capital is Austin? 1. Alabama Next Question 2. Utah 3. Texas 4. North Dakota

78 The Garden State Which state’s nickname is “The Garden State?”
1. New Jersey 2. Ohio Next Question 3. New York 4. South Carolina

79 Capital of Idaho What is the capital of Idaho? 1. Boise Next Question
2. Cheyenne 3. Concord 4. Pierre

80 Atlantic Coast States Which states border the Atlantic Ocean?
Next Question 1. Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan 2. Washington, California, and Oregon 3. Arkansas, Missouri, and Minnesota 4. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Massachusetts

81 Olympia is the Capital of…
What state’s capital is Olympia? 1. Arkansas Next Question 2. Oregon 3. Utah 4. Washington

82 Location of Texas What state is Texas directly south of? 1. Arkansas
Next Question 2. Oklahoma 3. Michigan 4. New Mexico

83 Divided State What state is divided by Great Lakes? 1. Michigan
Next Question 2. Wisconsin 3. Maine Texas

84 State Bird: Cardinal What states share the Cardinal as their state bird? 1. Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida 2. Alaska, Georgia, Maine, and North Carolina Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio 4. Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, and Missouri Next Question

85 Number of States How many states are in America? 1. 49 2. 48
End test and return to map. 3. 50 4. 52

86 Sorry, you didn’t get it this time.
Try Again. Quit, return to US Map. Click for sound

87 Good Job! You got it right!
Return to Question Click for sound

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