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Simple Shutterfly Classroom Website Creation Presented by Kristen Frame First Grade Teacher, Propel Montour

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1 Simple Shutterfly Classroom Website Creation Presented by Kristen Frame First Grade Teacher, Propel Montour

2 It’s free and easy to use! Templates walk you through everything. Teachers and parents can upload and share pictures, videos, links, and documents. Colorful, interesting sites create interest for parents and students. Provides a place for teachers, students, and parents to post discussions and share ideas. Why use Shutterfly?

3 Creating Your Site Go to Click the “Sign Up” link and log in Now you’re ready to begin!

4 Uploading photos and videos Shutterfly really walks you through this process, but we’ll take time today to create a template and practice together. The first thing you’ll need to do, however, is add some photos and videos to use on your site.

5 Uploading photos and videos (cont.) Click the “add pictures” link Choose files from your computer (must be JPEG files) After choosing your pictures, add a title for your album, or choose an already created album to put pictures into Click “Start” You’re ready to create your webpage!

6 Creating Your Website Click the Share tab at the top of the page Choose the Create a Site tab Shutterfly will walk you through choosing a layout for your site. I recommend the Classroom layouts.

7 Creating Your Website (cont.) Step 2 – Naming your Site This section where you will not only name your site, but also set your privacy settings. How private do you want to make your site? –If you would like to only let those people you invite to view your site, choose “Site Members Only” –You can also choose “All Visitors” and add a password so that only those who know your site password can view the site. –You can also choose if others can add pictures and content to your site in this section (you can update this later as well).

8 Sample Site

9 Changing and Updating Your Page There are many options to make your page your own using the “customize”, “options”, and “add sections” tabs. We’ll take the next few minutes to locate and use some of the customization features on the site.

10 Session Notes


12 Websites and Applications There are some great websites and applications you can add to your page for your students. To add a special link or website:  Choose “Add a Section”  Choose the Widget option under the “More” tab  Copy and paste the code from the page you’d like to share into the section.

13 Websites and Applications  What is Voki?  Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages.  Click “Register” in the top right corner to create your account.  Choose “Create” where you can make and customize your own character.  Our laptops already have a microphone installed to use for your voki’s voice. We’ll take a few minutes to play with the program now, but please feel free to e-mail me or Joe Oliphant if you have other questions about the application. My students really love it!

14 Websites and Applications Spelling City is a great site for teachers who give spelling and/or vocabulary tests in any grade. Register for your own account at the top corner of the page, and then you can upload your weekly spelling lists onto your site. Students can practice their words by playing games online, taking practice tests, and even printing activites.

15 MORE Websites and Applications Here are some other great sites you can check out when you have time:  - add animated comments and graphics to your site  - upload a picture of anyone and make it’s mouth “move” as it talks!  - a fun online streaming video site where SAG actors read children’s books  work_help_home.html - students can view various FREE streaming videos from Discovery Education at home. work_help_home.html  - Teachers, parents, and/or students can look up and level most books

16 Thank you! I hope you found this session helpful! Questions/Comments? Please e-mail me with any other questions you may have as you work on your website. I’m always happy to help!

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