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Agropedia IIT Kanpur The Knowledge & Interaction Hub for Indian Agriculture (

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1 agropedia IIT Kanpur The Knowledge & Interaction Hub for Indian Agriculture (

2 agropedia the project…  Sponsored by the ‘National Agricultural Innovation Project’ of the ‘Indian Council of Agricultural Research’  Started in 2008 January  We are five partners IIT, Kanpur ZPD-IV, Kanpur UAS, Raichur IIM, Calcutta ICRISAT, Hyderabad

3 agropedia KVK-NetKVK-Net OpenagriOpenagri vKVKvKVK Agropedia initiatives

4 What is agropedia… A Read/write web, Which is Semantically enabled With Multiple delivery mechanisms and Social networking for Indian Agriculture

5 What makes agropedia…  Knowledge Models  Content repository  Sponsored contents/Certified (GyanDhara) contents  Contributed contents/social (Jangyan) contents  Voice Krishi Vigyan Kendra (vKVK)  KVK-Net (Krishi Vigyan Knowledge - Network)  Openagri (Open access digital agriculture repository)  Agrotagger

6 Extension Material  Certified contents/Gyandhara  The library contents are variety of document - like-information-objects  Includes__ Library, Dos & Don’ts, Crop calendar  The crop calendar and dos and don’ts are related to agricultural practices on specific crops  Voice POPs  Voice messages  Text messages

7 Interactions  Contributed contents/Jangyan  This space is based on web 2.0 concepts  Includes__ agrowiki, agroblog, agroforum, agrochat  It is a common platform for all registered users to express their ideas/ opinions/ experiences and see them published on the web instantly

8 Other features in agropedia  User Visits : Shows which user has visited your page  Comment notification : User gets a mail when someone comments on his content  Private message : Inbox like functionality  Invite a friend : Registered user can send multiple invites  Similar: Similar post based on tag set of a given node  Multilingual editor : Write in 11 different languages  Featured User : To select a user based on add content continuously  Krishi Vichar

9 Statistics of agropedia ParticularsNumbers Agroblog 679 Agrowiki 1333 Agroforum 217 Library 1984 Registered users 7500 Published Nodes 15800 Countries visited 219 Total page views 2184328 Package of practices 87 Voice messages 2474 Text messages 326 Total visits 867760 Unique visits 654009

10 Countries visited

11 Knowledge Models in agropedia

12 Knowledge Models  Knowledge models are structured representations of knowledge using concepts to represent pieces of knowledge and relationships between them  17 crops KMs  In agropedia KMs have been designed with the intention of using them for indexing and browsing the content BananaPotatoMangoSugarcane ChickpeaRicePigeon PeaTomato GenericSafflowerPearl MilletWheat GrapesSorghumVegetable PeaLitchi Groundnut

13 English Knowledge Model

14 Hindi Knowledge Model

15 French Knowledge Model

16 Features of KM 1.0 and 2.0 KM 1.0KM 2.0 A)Last nodes are not expanded e.g- Disease -- Causal organism, Insect – Scientific name, and Weed -- Scientific name Last nodes of KM 1.0 are further expanded e.g- Disease -- Causal organism, -- Nature, -- Symptom, -- Disease management -- Biological Control -- Mechanical Control -- Cultural Control -- Integrated disease management -- Chemical control -- Formulation -- Chemical group -- Application rate -- Trade name -- Application time C)Total number of relationships used are 12 Total number of relationships used are 56 D)Total number of Concepts varies from 60 to 80 depending upon crop Total number of Concepts varies from 500 to 800 depending upon crop B)Used for indexing and browsing the content Used for Inferencing

17 Potato Knowledge Model 2.0

18 How to inference…

19 Workshop on knowledge model

20  The digital agricultural articles repository for agricultural documents  openagri (, a focused research space, is a content management platform for hosting agriculture documents such as journal articles, conference papers, books, book chapters, proceedings, preprints, multimedia content etc. openagri An open access agriculture research repository

21 Structure of openagri

22 How is openagri different? Agrotags & Agrotagger  Agrotags : is a proper subset of agrovoc which allows automatically assigning of keywords to enable semantic searching and retrieval. Agrotags are specially designed with tagging in mind  Agrotagger : is a software for assigning key phrases automatically from Agrotags

23 Top level categories of Agrotags

24  Agrotags: openagri-This repository provides for rich semantic interlinking between document using Agrotags  Agrotagger: openagri- repository is a open platform to submit any kind of agricultural published material, the Agrotagger running in the background automatically generates keywords Usage of Agrotags & Agrotagger

25 Agrotags & Agrotaggers in joint action

26 Agrotagger homepage

27 Structure of agropedia

28 Agropedia website homepage

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