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Civil Rights Movement Oral Presentation.

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1 Civil Rights Movement Oral Presentation

2 Objective Students will have a better understanding of the social movement in the 60’s known as the civil rights movement. Each student or pair of students will be given one event or person that impacted the Civil Rights movement. Presenting of the information will be done orally, using visuals in a power point.

3 Format of assignment Requirements:
Introduce the class to your person or event. Briefly explain their life or background information on the event, but more importantly explain how the person or event impacted the civil rights movement. Must have a minimum of 5 slides (not including the title slide) / must have between visuals Each student may have one standard size note card with them while presenting (information on one side only) ** If you don’t need a card don’t use one

4 More on requirements You may work with one other person.
Do not type your oral on the power point. The only thing you need is captions for the pictures and a few key notes POINTS - 50 10 - visuals (5 total) 30 - information during the presentation 10 - how well you present the material, remember the note cards are just an aid while presenting. YOU SHOULD NOT READ FROM THE CARD.

5 People and events of the Civil Rights Movement (20 Total)
1.Black Panthers Stokely Carmichael James Meredith 4.3 civil rights workers (James Cheney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner) 5. Watts Riots Malcolm X

6 More people, events 14 Medgar Evers 15 Little Rock 9
7.Martin Luther King JR KKK 8. Thurgood Marshall 10 Emmett Till Rosa 11 SNCC Bus Boycott 14 Medgar Evers Little Rock 9

7 More 16. March on Selma 18. church 17. SCLC 19.NAACP
20. March on Washington

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