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Guided Reading Activity 5-1

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1 Guided Reading Activity 5-1
They planned to station soldiers in America and passed the proclamation of 1763 They feared that the troops could be used to interfere with their liberties and that the Proclamation limited their freedom

2 3. Smuggling was costing Great Britain revenue
3. Smuggling was costing Great Britain revenue. The writs of assistance allowed customs officers to search homes and warehouses for smuggled goods. 4. To stop smuggling between the colonies and the French West Indies 5. Cases were decided by British-appointed judges instead of by juries

3 6. To raise money for the British treasury
7. Almost all printed materials in the colonies. 8. Parliament had interfered in colonial affairs, and the act taxed colonists without their consent

4 9. He persuaded the Virginia assembly to pass a resolution declaring that Virginia had the exclusive right to tax its citizens. 10. He helped start the Sons of Liberty, which led to angry protests. 11. They signed non-importation agreements

5 12. Drafted a petition to Great Britain declaring that states could only be taxed by their own assemblies. 13. They did not trust him or parliament. 14. To tax and make decisions for the colonies in all cases

6 15. glass, tea, paper, and lead
16. They organized the Daughters of Liberty and urged Americans to wear homemade fabrics and produce colonial goods.

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