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Chapter 10 Growth and Expansion

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1 Chapter 10 Growth and Expansion
Guided Reading Activity 10-1

2 1. Around 1800 2. a.) More workers, b.) many rivers and streams, c.) close to resources, d.) New Englanders had capital 3. Their capital was essential for developing machinery and building industries

3 4. a.) spinning jenny, b.) water frame, c.) power loom
5. Eli Whitney 6. Passed a patent law 7. Workers memorized designs and then duplicated them in the U.S.

4 8. Waltham, Massachusetts
9. the factory system 10. a.) long hours, b.) low wages, c.) loud machinery, d.) monotonous work 11. Eli Whitney

5 12. The demand for cotton grew and the cotton gin enabled cotton farmers to raise larger crops
13. mostly small investors

6 15. a.) unsanitary conditions, b.) disease, c.) threat of fire
16. There were no sewers to carry away waste and dirty water

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