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American Government Chapter 17

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1 American Government Chapter 17
Section 2 Other Foreign and Defense Agencies

2 Organizations CIA - Central Intelligence Agency Function
To coordinate all information-gathering activities in the federal Government Analyze and evaluate the data it receives Report data to the President

3 INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service Function To deal with people who come to the U.S. to live and/or work Grant political asylum when appropriate Naturalize new citizens

4 NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration Function Plans and carries out the nation’s space programs toward both military and peaceful ends

5 Selective Service System
Function Administers the military draft for men between 18-26 - this only exists on a standby basis today

6 What limits has Congress imposed on the operation of the CIA?
The CIA is forbidden to operate within the United States

7 How does the INS try to enforce immigration laws?
The INS supervises ports of entry and U.S. borders Inspects people entering the U.S. Processes applications for immigration benefits and naturalization

8 The history of military conscription in the U.S.
1. Most of our history we have depended on volunteers for the armed forces 2. Colonial and revolutionary times – men were required to serve in a militia 3. Civil War – North & South used conscription 4. WWI – national draft was first used 5. Reactivated before WWII – 1940 reactivated again – Cold War tensions – 5 million men – Korean & Vietnam wars – President Carter – 18 year olds must register with the Selective Service

9 Terms Draft - compulsory military service – when you reach 18 yrs. Old
Espionage - spying Political asylum - safe haven – for those suffering persecution in their own countries

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