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Guided Reading Activity 13-3

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1 Guided Reading Activity 13-3
Recalling the Facts

2 1. Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina
2. Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas 3. Cotton 4. Tobacco depended on foreign markets, so its price varied. Tobacco stripped the nutrients from the soil. Rice could not be grown in the dry climate in inland areas

3 5. it required irrigation canals and costly machinery
6. the growth of the British textile industry 7. Eli Whitney 8. a machine that removed seeds from the cotton fibers 9. because the cotton gin processed cotton so quickly, farmers wanted to grow more cotton and thus needed more slaves to plant and harvest the cotton.

4 10. The Upper South still produced tobacco, wheat and vegetables
10. The Upper South still produced tobacco, wheat and vegetables. The Deep South was committed to cotton, sugarcane and rice 11. Reasons for not much industry in the South 1. The boom in cotton sales 2. lack of capital ti invest in businesses 3. there was only a small market in the south for manufactured goods 4. Southerners did not want industry

5 12. William Gregg and Joseph Reid Anderson
13. Southern rail lines were short, local and did not connect all parts of the region in a network 14. about 1/3

6 Guided Reading Activity 13-4
1. yeoman 2. tenant farmers 3. profits 4. accountants 5. domestic slaves 6. field hands 7. overseer 8. family life

7 9. network 10. slave codes 11. read or write 12. Harriet Tubman 13. underground railroad 14. opportunities 15. charity

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