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Guided Reading Activity 1 Constitution

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1 Guided Reading Activity 1 Constitution

2 I. Goals of the Constitution
A. National Defense & Finances B. A National Court System C. Peace among the people of the nation D. Poorly trained militia from each state E. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness F. Individual rights will not be taken away.

3 II. Major principles A. The People
B. We elect representatives who govern C. Bill of Rights & Article 1 D. Enumerated, Reserved, Concurrent E. Legislative – make laws, Executive – carry out laws, Judicial – interpret laws F. Examples – SEE CHART G. basic liberties & rights such as: speech, religion, press, etc.

4 III. A Living Constitution
A. 1. 2/3 vote in both houses of Congress 2. ¾ of states B.2. Powers not specifically defined in the Constitution C. As time goes by the country/world becomes more complicated D. Judicial review – declaring laws unconstitutional

5 Guided Reading Activity 2 Constitution
1. Six 2. They serve 2 year terms 3. make laws & control spending 4. conference committee tries to work out a compromise 5. president can deploy troops for up to 60 days without approval of Congress 6. sets the agenda or plan

6 7. State, Treasury, Defense
8. kidnapping & federal tax cheating 9. past laws, traditions and circumstances 10. Judicial review 11. Senators – 30, Representatives – 25 12. They are tried in the Senate

7 13. attend public meetings
14. They can override a veto with a 2/3 vote in each house 15. The President negotiates and the Senate ratifies 16. Executive Office of the President 17. State of the Union Address 18. 9 19. Supreme Court’s power to declare laws unconstitutional 20. They can make state laws unconstitutional

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