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Section 1 – The President’s job description

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1 Section 1 – The President’s job description
American Government Chapter 13 The Presidency Section 1 – The President’s job description pp

2 Formal Qualifications, Term & Compensation for the President
Age - at least 35 2. Citizenship - must have been born a U.S. citizen 3. U.S. Residence - must have lived in the U.S. at least 14 years 4. Maximum term length - 10 years 5. Annual salary - $400,000 6. Annual expenses - $50,000

3 The many hats worn by the President
Chief Citizen - represents the American people 2. Chief of State - ceremonial head of government 3. Chief of Party - leads their political party 4. Chief Executive - sees that the nation’s laws are carried out

4 Hats cont. 5. Chief Administrator - heads the federal bureaucracy
6. Chief Diplomat - determines foreign policy 7. Commander in Chief - commands the armed forces 8. Chief Legislator - proposes laws to Congress

5 Chapter 13 Section 2 – Presidential succession and the V. P. pp

6 Order of Succession Vice-President Speaker of the House
President pro tempore of the Senate Secretary of State Secretary of the Treasury

7 How does the Constitution provide for situations when the President is disabled?
25th Amendment states that the Vice-President may temporarily take over the duties if the president so requests or if the V.P. and a majority of the Cabinet inform Congress that such a move is necessary

8 What duties are given to the V.P. by the Constitution?
The V.P.’s constitutional duties are to preside over the Senate and to help decide presidential disability

9 How are V.P.’s usually selected?
Chosen to balance the ticket – to improve candidates chance of winning the election. Sound Familiar?

10 How can a vacancy in the vice presidency be filled?
25th Amendment states that the President nominates a new V.P. and that nomination must be confirmed by a majority vote of both houses

11 Terms Presidential succession
- the order in which lesser officials take over the duties of the presidency 2. Balance the ticket - The President chooses a V.P. running mate who can strengthen his or her chances of being elected

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