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Presidential Nominations

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1 Presidential Nominations
Chapter 13 Section 4 pp Presidential Nominations

2 Section 4 Outline The Role of Conventions
From 1800 to 1824, presidential candidates were chosen by congressional caucus. In 1832, that system was replaced by the national convention. Today, the Democratic and Republican parties allot each State a number of party delegates based on the State’s electoral vote and its past voter support for party candidates.

3 4. The procedure for selecting delegates in a primary is governed by State laws and/or party rules
Presidential Primaries 5. A state’s presidential primary may either be a process to choose delegates to the national conventions; or to indicate express preferences for presidential candidates. 6. Winner-take-all primaries have nearly disappeared in favor of proportional representation. 7. The few states that do not hold primaries choose delegates in caucuses and conventions.

4 The National Convention
8. The platform is the statement of a party’s basic principles. 9. The keynote address is the speech that is usually given on the first day of a convention.

5 Who Is Nominated? 10. An incumbent President who wants to run again is usually nominated. 11. The greatest number of people who have been nominated for President have previously served as State Governors.

6 Key Terms presidential primary A popular vote to either a. elect some or all of a State’s delegates to a national party convention. b. express a preference among the various contenders for a party’s nomination.

7 Proportional representation
allowing a State’s delegates to cast votes in proportion to his or hers share of the State’s primary vote

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