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Northwood Community Development District 2007-2008 Budget Presentation

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1 Northwood Community Development District 2007-2008 Budget Presentation

2 The Northwood Community Development District is a local, special purpose government authorized by Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, as amended, as an alternative method for planning, financing, acquiring, operating and maintaining community-wide infrastructure in planned communities.

3 The following report represents the District’s Operational and Maintenance (O&M) budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008, which begins on October 1, 2007. The District O&M budget is organized by fund to segregate financial resources and ensure that the segregated resources are used for their intended purpose.

4 Maintenance of the Facilities In order to maintain the facilities, the District conducts hearings to adopt an operating budget each year. This budget includes a detailed description of the maintenance program along with an estimate of the cost of the program. The funding of the maintenance budget is levied as a non-ad valorem assessment on your property by the District Board of Supervisors.

5 Objectives Provide community appearance services at defined levels in the most cost effective manner. Provide water management services at defined levels in the most cost effective manner. Maintain street lighting at defined standards; aesthetic value. Provide security, privacy patrol services to the community to enhance safety and quality of life. Identify, plan, and execute capital programs to maintain and enhance the existing infrastructure to hold its position as a “premier” community. (Explore various financing mechanisms.) Identify and execute programs to restore, maintain, and enhance preserve areas in a cost effective manner.

6 Northwood Revenue Budget

7 Northwood Expenditures Budget


9 2007 ASSESSMENTS Fiscal Year 2007 DS AnnualO&M AnnualFY 2007 Lot SizeUnit CountPer Unit Per Unit Total PARCEL 1A50$579$8531,432 PARCEL 1B50$556$8531,409 PARCEL 282$556$8531,409 PARCEL 3A26$579$8531,432 PARCEL 3B41$579$8531,432 PARCEL 4116$556$8531,409 PARCEL 533$579$8531,432 PARCEL 656$556$8531,409 PARCEL 779$315$8531,168 PARCEL 853$556$8531,409 PARCEL 952$556$8531,409 Total638

10 2008 PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS Fiscal Year 2008 DS AnnualO&M AnnualFY 2008 Inc/(Dec) in Lot SizePer Unit Per Unit Total Annual Assessment PARCEL 1A$547$1,022$1,569 137 PARCEL 1B$525$1,022$1,547 138 PARCEL 2$525$1,022$1,547 138 PARCEL 3A$547$1,022$1,569 137 PARCEL 3B$547$1,022$1,569 137 PARCEL 4$525$1,022$1,547 138 PARCEL 5$547$1,022$1,569 137 PARCEL 6$525$1,022$1,547 138 PARCEL 7$547$1,022$1,569 401 PARCEL 8$525$1,022$1,547 138 PARCEL 9$525$1,022$1,547 138 Total (1) Adjusted for collection costs and early payment discounts of 6%. (2) $10,000 in adjustment O&M impact per parcel = approximate $17.00




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