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Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc. David Brotzman - Executive Director.

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1 Vermont Center for Geographic Information, Inc. David Brotzman - Executive Director

2 The VT Center for Geographic Information - Overview VCGI is a state nonprofit entity VCGI was created to support geographic data coordination and data services in Vermont VCGI provides free data, facilitates networking, and helps with data development

3 No Maps?

4 Data Limitations Accuracy Statewide overage Dynamic Resource Cost Completion Never Complete Two Phases Initial Collection Update

5 Standards Ensure Consistent Use Ensure Clarity of Purpose Independent Mapping Efforts Fairness Legality

6 Metadata Data About The Data Explains Where The Data Came From National Standard Appropriate Use Critical For User

7 VT Wetlands Resources - Data National Wetlands Inventory –NWI - Data Source from 1:40,000 CIR to 1:80,000 Black & White Imagery Target Mapping Unit (TMU) from ~1 - 4 or 5 Acres, Based Upon Terrain Tiled on 1:24,000 Quads Show photointerperable wetlands Likely To Miss Smaller, Drier (Emergent) or Woodland Wetlands Must Have One or More of the Following Three Attributes: 1) at least periodically, the land supports predominantly hydrophytes 2) the substrate is predominantly undrained hydric soil 3) the substrate is non-soil and is saturated with water or covered by shallow water at some time during the growing season of each year

8 VT Wetlands Resources - Data VT Significant Wetlands Inventory - VTSWI - Statewide Created BY VT ANR Using NWI Data as a Base Estimated 25% of the Wetlands Are Missing (<3 Acres) Show Regulatory wetlands Source from 1:24,000 to 1:62,500 NWI Source Maps Intended for Planning and Informational Use Boundaries Generally Within Several Hundred Meters Wetlands in the VSWI coverage are; 1. Mainly Palustrine Complexes (regulatory). 2. A Smaller Subset Define Riverine and Lacustrine Wetland Complexes (regulatory).

9 Support Tools – Web Maps Web Mapping Services National In State Valuable Public Interface Unassisted Review, Education, Awareness Technology Supports Open/Secure Use Different Levels of Access Remote Data Maintenance Posting Updates For Review Prior to Inclusion

10 MassGIS

11 USFWS Wetlands Online Mapper

12 Kenai Peninsula – Wetlands

13 Florida ERA Online


15 National Interactive Mapping Tool

16 Vermont Web Mapping Service


18 Web Map Development Costs Application Development Simple Data Viewing Service Full Custom, Public/Private, Remote Edit, Update $5K to $50+K Startup Initial Software Costs $15K to 30K (no partners) Software Costs $0 to $20K (with partners) Recommend Use Of Existing Service Providers ANR - VCGI Labor Costs – Dozens to Hundreds of Hours Application and Database Design, Data Population, etc.

19 Cost Yearly Costs – No Partner Software Maintenance - $0 to $25K/yr Database Maintenance - $0 to $5K+ Yearly Costs – w/Partner Negotiable ($1800 and up)

20 Summary Data Is the BIG Issue – (You knew that) Use the Data and Technology Appropriately Define the Data Standard Create Metatdata and USE it Consider Web Mapping As An Initial Public Interface How will it look? How will it be used? What Are the Terms of Use? You Can Get Started Today You Have Help Available

21 For More Information Contact VCGI: David Brotzman, Executive Director VT Center for Geographic Information, Inc. 58 South Main Street, Suite 2 Waterbury, VT 05676 802-882-3002

22 Thank You

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