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2 October 14, 2005 Local Government Definitions and Numbers General Resources MPLA States – variations and resources

3 October 14, 2005 Government Definitions and Numbers US Government History Town councils US Constitution 1 Federal Government 50 State Governments Incorporation Dillons Rule/Home Rule

4 October 14, 2005 Census Definition* A government is an organized entity which, in addition to having governmental character, has sufficient discretion in the management of its own affairs to distinguish it as separate from the administrative structure of any other governmental unit. To be counted as a government, any entity must possess all three of the attributes reflected in the foregoing definition: Existence as an organized entity, governmental character, and substantial autonomy. *; p. viii.

5 October 14, 2005 Local Government Definitions and Numbers Local (sub-state) Governments – 87,525 General Purpose Local Governments – 38,967 Special-Purpose Local Governments – 48,558

6 October 14, 2005 Local Government Definitions and Numbers General Purpose Local – 38,967 County – 3,034 Sub–County – 35,933 Municipal – 19,429 Town or Township – 16,504 Regional/Councils of/Associations of Government

7 October 14, 2005 Local Government Definitions and Numbers Special-Purpose Local – 48,558 School Districts – 13,506 Special Districts – 35,052

8 October 14, 2005 Tips for Finding Government Information The more info you have, the better Names of publications or agencies Level(s) of government involved Dates Newspaper articles often provide names, dates, and commentary Publications Annual Reports, Budgets, Financial Reports, Planning Reports, Capital Improvement Official websites

9 October 14, 2005 Areas of information generated and/or collected locally Crime/Courts Environmental Health Land use planning Parks and Recreation Statistics (population, employment, housing, financial, etc.) Transportation/Public Works Zoning Ordinances and codes Maps/GIS Education Business/Economic Development

10 October 14, 2005 General Local Government Resources Google Uncle Sam – Municipal Codes Online – FirstGov: American Hometowns - State and Local Government on the Net – Census Data - & Census of Governments - Federal Depository Libraries -

11 October 14, 2005 General Local Government Resources Governing: Local Government Links – National Association of Counties – International City/County Management Association - National Civic League – National City Government Resource Center - National Association of Regional Councils -

12 October 14, 2005 General Local Government Resources Martin, M. (2005). Local and regional government information : How to find it, how to use it. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Krane, D., Rigos, P. N., & Hill, M. B. (2001). Home rule in america : A fifty-state handbook. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

13 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – Wyoming 23 Counties 98 Municipalities – First class cities 4,000 or more, otherwise Towns; 200 within 3 Sq. mi. to incorporate 2 Regional Councils 55 School Districts

14 October 14, 2005 Wyoming - 546 Special Districts Cemetery Conservation County Improvement and Service Drainage Fire Protection Hospital Irrigation Joint Powers Boards Predatory Animal Districts Recreation Rural Health Care Senior Citizen Service Solid Waste Disposal Special Museum Water Conservancy Water and Sewer Watershed Improvement Wyoming Municipal Power Agency

15 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – Wyoming Wyoming Constitution and Statutes Wyoming Local Government Wyoming School and District Directory History District Maps x?tabindex=5&tabid=12 x?tabindex=5&tabid=12 Wyoming Association of Municipalities

16 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Utah 29 Counties – 6 classes based on population 236 Municipalities – 6 classes based on population, 100 needed to incorporate 8 Regional Councils 40 School Districts

17 October 14, 2005 Utah - 300 Special Districts Cemetery Maintenance County Service Areas Drainage Fire Protection Housing Authorities Improvement Districts for Utility or Sewer Systems Irrigation Metropolitan Water Mosquito Abatement Municipal Power Agencies Public Transit Regional Service Areas Soil Conservation Water Conservancy

18 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Utah Utah Code and Constitution City and County Government K – 12 Education Local Government Resources

19 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – South Dakota 66 Counties 308 Municipalities – 3 classes based on population, 940 Townships in 52 Counties 6 Regional Councils 176 School Districts

20 October 14, 2005 South Dakota - 376 Special Districts Ambulance Community Center Conservation Consumer Powers County Road Drainage Basin Utility Housing and Redevelopment Improvement Irrigation Municipal Power Regional Airport Authorities Regional Railroad Authorities Regional Recycling and Waste Management Rural Fire Protection Sanitary Translator Water Development Water Project Water User Watershed

21 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – South Dakota South Dakota Codified Law South Dakota Association of Counties South Dakota Municipal League K-12 Data Center

22 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Oklahoma 77 Counties 590 Municipalities Cities 100+ Towns<100 Villages are unincorporated and not counted 11 Regional Councils 571 School Districts

23 October 14, 2005 Oklahoma - 560 Special Districts Conservancy Conservation Emergency Medical Service Enterprise District Management Authorities Fire Protection Housing Authorities Irrigation Port Authorities Public Library Systems Regional Water Distribution Rural Road Improvement Rural Water/Sewer/Gas/Solid Waste Management Sewer Improvement

24 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Oklahoma Oklahoma Legislature (Constitution and Statutes) Local Government Community Profiles Schools Online

25 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – North Dakota 53 Counties 360 Municipalities Cities, which exist outside Townships 1332 Townships in 58 Counties Provisions for consolidated (multi)townships 8 Regional Councils 226 School Districts

26 October 14, 2005 North Dakota - 764 Special Districts Airport Authorities County Nursing Home Authorities Garrison Diversion Conservancy Hospital Housing Authorities Irrigation Park Recreation Service Regional Library Cooperatives Rural Ambulance Service Rural Fire Protection Soil Conservation Southwest Water Authority Vector Control Waste Management Authorities Water

27 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – North Dakota Laws and Regulations County Government City Government K-12

28 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – New Mexico 33 Counties 101 Municipalities – minimum population 150 7 Regional Councils 96 School Districts

29 October 14, 2005 New Mexico - 628 Special Districts Community Ditches and Acequias Community Land Grants Conservancy Drainage Economic Advancement Flood Control Authorities Flood Control Districts Irrigation Metropolitan Water Boards Pink Bollworm Control Regional Housing Authorities Soil and Water Conservation Solid Waste Authorities Special Hospital Water and Sanitation

30 October 14, 2005 MPLA States – New Mexico Laws and Statutes Local Government New Mexico Schools Locater

31 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Nevada 16 Counties 19 Municipalities, 3 classes based on population, 250 needed to incorporate 2 Regional Councils

32 October 14, 2005 Nevada - 158 Special Districts Airport Authorities California-Nevada Super Speed Ground Transportation Commission Cemetery Conservation County Fire Protection County Hospital County Library Elko Convention and Visitors Authority General Improvement Housing Authorities Irrigation Moapa Valley Water Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway Southern Nevada Water Authority Tahoe Transportation Virgin Valley Water Water Conservancy

33 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Nevada Nevada Law Library Nevada Counties/Cities Nevada Schools and Districts

34 MPLA States - Nebraska 93 Counties 531 Municipalities 4 classes of city based on population Villages of 100-800 100 needed to incorporate 446 Townships in 28 Counties 6 Regional Councils 575 School Districts

35 Nebraska - 1146 Special Districts Airport Authorities Cemetery Community Building Drainage Hospital Housing Authorities Irrigation Joint Electric Power/Sewerage/Solid Waste Disposal/Water Distribution Agencies Joint Public Power Authorities Metropolitan Transit Authority Metropolitan Utilities Natural Resources Public Power Reclamation Road and Street Improvement Rural and Suburban Fire Protection Rural Water Sanitary and Improvement Weather Control

36 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Nebraska Laws of Nebraska Local Government Local Government in Nebraska (Blue Book)

37 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Montana 54 Counties 129 Municipalities – 4 classes based on population 6 Regional Councils 352 School Districts

38 October 14, 2005 Montana - 592 Special Districts Conservation Conservancy County Water and Sewer Drainage Fire Fire Service Areas Housing Authorities Irrigation Local and Regional Port Authorities Montana Municipal Insurance Authority Public Cemetery Public Hospital Public Library Railway Authorities Regional Airport Authorities and Joint Airport Boards Regional Water and Wastewater Solid Waste Management Television Urban Transportation

39 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Montana Constitution, Code & Rules City and County Governments Directory of Montana Schools Local Government Center

40 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Kansas 104 Counties 627 municipalities in 3 classes by population 1299 Townships in 95 counties 8 Regional Councils 324 School Districts

41 Kansas - 1533 Special Districts Boards of Public Utilities Cemetery City-County Airport Authorities Community Building Conservation Drainage Ground Water Management Hospital Housing Authorities Improvement Industrial Irrigation Johnson County Park and Recreation Joint Port Authorities Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Kansas and Missouri Metropolitan Culture Library Municipal Energy Agencies Public Building Public Wholesale Water Supply Reading Fire Benefit Watershed Water Supply

42 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Kansas Laws and Legal Services Cities and Counties K-12 School Reports League of Kansas Municipalities Kansas Association of Counties State Conservation Commission

43 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Colorado 62 Counties 270 Municipalities – 2000 cutoff for cities vs. towns 13 Regional Councils 182 School Districts

44 Colorado - 1414 Special Districts Airport Authorities Ambulance Cemetery Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority Conservation Denver Scientific and Cultural Facilities Drainage Fire Protection Ground Water Management Health Service Housing Authorities Internal Improvement Irrigation Library Metropolitan - Football Stadium, Sewage Disposal, Water Mine Drainage Park and Recreation Power Authorities Public Highway Authorities Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority Rail Regional Service Authorities Regional Transportation (Denver) Rural Transportation Authorities Tunnel Urban Drainage and Flood Control (Denver) Water Authorities Water and Sanitation

45 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Colorado Colorado Revised Statutes and Constitution Colorado Communities government/ government/communitiesmenu.html

46 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Arizona 15 Counties 87 Municipalities (+2 since 2002), 1500 minimum for incorporation 6 Regional Councils 231 School Districts; 14 Dependent Public School Systems (County)

47 Arizona - 305 Special Districts Active Management Area Water Agricultural Improvement Agriculture Preservation Community Park Maintenance County Water Authorities Drainage Electrical Fire Flood Protection Districts Groundwater Replenishment Health Service Hospital Irrigation Irrigation Water Delivery Joint Powers Airport Authorities Pest Abatement Pest Control Pinal County Water Augmentation Authority Power Districts Public Transportation Authorities Sanitary Special Health Care Special Road Water Conservation

48 October 14, 2005 MPLA States - Arizona Arizona State Legislature (Links to Constitution and Statutes) Arizona Association of Counties League of Arizona Cities and Towns School Districts Special Districts

49 October 14, 2005 Questions Dan Stanton Arizona Local Documents Librarian Arizona State University Libraries PO Box 871006 Tempe, AZ 85287-1006 480/965-1798 FAX 480/965-9308


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