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Promoting Your Library Beth Avery President, MPLA Western State College of Colorado Gunnison, CO.

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1 Promoting Your Library Beth Avery President, MPLA Western State College of Colorado Gunnison, CO

2 Marketing... identifies human needs and wants, offers products and services to satisfy those demands causes transactions that deliver products and services (Cutlip 1994)

3 Public Relations... Establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure depend (Cutlip 1994)

4 Goals of The Campaign for Americas Libraries Internal Campaign Goals:Internal Campaign Goals: Bring the entire library community together to speak with a unified voice; Develop tools and materials to help libraries and librarians promote their value to their users and reach their specific audiences;

5 Goals of The Campaign for Americas Libraries Internal Campaign Goals (cont):Internal Campaign Goals (cont): : Extend the reach of the national campaign to the local, state and regional levels, working with ALA chapters and sister library organizations as partners; and Ensure the campaign is useful to libraries of all types school, public, academic and special through close work with ALA divisions

6 Goals of The Campaign for Americas Libraries External Campaign Goals:External Campaign Goals: Increase awareness and support for libraries by increasing the visibility of libraries in a positive context and by communicating clearly and strongly why libraries are both unique and valuable; Update the image of libraries and librarians for the 21st century, sustaining and strengthening their relevance;

7 Goals of The Campaign for Americas Libraries External Campaign Goals (cont): :External Campaign Goals (cont): : Bring renewed energy to the promotion of libraries and librarians; Increase library usage at school, on college and university campuses, at work and in daily life; Increase funding for libraries;

8 Goals of The Campaign for Americas Libraries External Campaign Goals (cont):External Campaign Goals (cont): Bring librarians to the table at public policy discussions on key issues: intellectual freedom, equity of access and narrowing the digital divide; and Positively impact recruitment efforts for the profession.

9 Key Messages of the Campaign for Americas Libraries Libraries are changing and dynamic places Libraries of places of opportunity Libraries bring you the world.

10 Marketing Plan Questions to Ask What do you have to market? Which products and services and what are the benefits they provide? Which customers and which needs? What is the best way to inform customers? Can we deliver what we promised? What are your weaknesses? What is your competition?

11 A Brand (Logo) Simple symbol of instant recognition. »

12 Slogan a hint of the possibilities –Reach out and touch someone. –Have it your way. –A little dab'll do ya. –"Let your fingers do the walking."

13 Brand within a Brand color.Importance and messages of color, color, color, color.

14 Brand within a Brand Use color to anchor the core brand and then use complimentary colors to show affiliations.


16 General Messages Ask @ your library®. Make your research really easy @ your library®. 1.5 Million volumes @ your library® Check it out @ your library®. Something for everyone @ your library®.

17 General Messages Try surfing @ your library® [Services] @ your library® Change your World @ your library® Success begins @ your library®

18 Targeted Messages Build Your Curriculum @ your library® Parents as Partners @ your library® Improve Reading Literacy @ your library® Be Well Informed @ your library® – for a health education program.

19 Tie in to events Read a Banned Book @ your library® Hispanic Heritage Month @ your library® [Speaker] @ your library®

20 Post in your library Untangle the Web @ your library® This week @ your library® Homework help @ your library® Story hour @ your library® Ask @ your library® Explore history @ your library®

21 Its easy to do… » /

22 Its easy to do… Discover the Power of Information SAVAGE LIBRARY HOURS FALL 2005

23 Its easy to do… Dear Western Faculty, I thought this might be a good time to refresh everyone's memory regarding Reserves Please use this service for your classes as you see fit, it's a great way to allow an Entire class to share materials.

24 Goodie Bag for New Teachers Emmett G. Shufflebarger Library, Graham High School, Bluefield, VA Library Newsletter & Important Forms Small candies Individual bags of microwave popcorn A bookmark, and

25 Goodie Bag for New Teachers Some novelties from Oriental Trading Company ( The novelties will include a metal belt clip compass key chain (for when they feel lost in their new school), something in a fish or starfish motif to remind them of the BookSplash promotion, a plastic mug with a smiley face for when they need a friendly face, and some resin dogs with bone welcome signs.

26 Free is good from Library Media & PR. /p060397a.shtml

27 Free from ALA


29 Free Library& Media PR

30 Supporting the Quest for Knowledge The Library Logo and Slogan The ODU Library staff embarked on the process of branding an official image of the library that effectively promotes its services and resources as an individual department. The ODU Library logo is a black stylized globe with three golden birds advancing from it. Research has indicated that the globe signifies endurance, power, and wholeness, while the soaring birds represent creativity, imagination, and thought. (Olderr, Steven, ed. Symbolism: a Comprehensive Dictionary. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1986.) This sophisticated logo is intended to be used on the library Web site, newsletter, and promotional items such as pencils. The colors match those of the University. The slogan, Supporting the Quest for Knowledge, corresponds to the library logo: the globe representing support and the birds in flight, the quest. The balance between the two is knowledge as a whole. The slogan also upholds the Dominican motto, to contemplate truth and share the fruits of this contemplation, as the understanding of truth and knowledge are of utmost importance to this educational institution. The library slogan also communicates the mission of the library as the supportive foundation of academic goals and achievement. The Designer of the Logo Jessica Jurkovic, the designer of the new Ohio Dominican University Library logo, was a junior when she created it. When Jessica first started at ODU, she studied Early Childhood Education. However, she changed her major to Graphic Design starting in her sophomore year. After Jessica graduates from ODU in 2005, she hopes to work in the advertising field. After her logo was selected by the ODU Library PR Committee, Jessica graciously expressed her thanks to the committee for picking my design and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the history at the Ohio Dominican University Library. The library staff appreciates Jessicas creativity, hard work and professional attitude; the cooperation and guidance of Jessicas Graphic Design instructor, Len Cooper; and the efforts of everyone in his Graphic Design class of Spring 2004 who submitted a proposal. The Library PR Committee was impressed by the exceptional abilities of ODU art students, and choosing just one design was a difficult decision.

31 Tips for Marketing Have a plan Remember your staff is your most important audience Focus on whats unique Have a clear and consistent message Use multiple marketing channels so current users and non-users are reached. Evaluate

32 A BRAG Short to the point statement of Who you are What you do Who you do it for How they benefit.


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