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Waste Prevention Whats Working Whats Challenging.

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1 Waste Prevention Whats Working Whats Challenging

2 What Is Waste Prevention? Prevention is the elimination of waste so that it is not generated and does not need to be composted, recycled or disposed of. Thus, if composting or recycling of waste is required, then the waste has not been prevented.

3 What Are Solid Waste Districts Currently Doing About Preventing Waste? Supporting School Based Education Writing Newspaper Articles & Newsletters Encouraging Swap Shops, garage sales, flea markets Providing Web-based information: Shopping tips, listings of reuse stores & charities for donations of reusable items, packaging reuse options, junk mail reduction, waste-less events

4 Developing infrastructure & systemic changes: ReUse zones at drop-offs and transfer stations, partnering to build reuse center, Pay As You Throw (PAYT) systems at curb and drop-offs, advocating for Zero Waste approach to managing discards

5 The Most Challenging Aspects of Waste Prevention at the District Level Implementing PAYT in an open-competition private collection system Attempting to change purchasing behavior in a consumption-focused culture Influencing manufacturer product design and packaging Engaging citizens in behavior change to prevent waste when it may require extra effort Getting individuals to recognize that they have the power to enact change legislatively and through activism

6 Priority Recommendations Disposal bans (organics & others) Product Stewardship initiatives Consumer education Increased dialogue across the state on waste issues, concepts and alternatives Zero Waste State Plan Legislative initiatives inclusive of: VT Do Not Mail bill Packaging tax

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