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Abuse in Later Life: Dynamics and Barriers Bonnie Brandl, M.S.W. NCALL/WCADV 2004.

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1 Abuse in Later Life: Dynamics and Barriers Bonnie Brandl, M.S.W. NCALL/WCADV 2004

2 ELDER ABUSE (National Definitions) Physical, sexual and emotional abuse Financial exploitation Neglect and self-neglect Abandonment

3 Domestic Violence is… A pattern of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, spiritual, and economic abuse, instilled through the use of fear and coercion, for the purpose of obtaining power and control

4 Relationship Between Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Elder Abuse Elder Domestic Violence Elder Domestic Violence

5 What Is Abuse in Late Life? Abuse of an older by someone in an on- going relationship Abuser is usually a family member or caregiver Often basis is power and control Some of the tactics are different from domestic violence among younger adults

6 Scenarios of Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life DV grown old New relationship Late onset

7 Other Scenarios of Abuse in Later Life Adult children/grandchildren Other family members Caregivers


9 What About Caregiver Stress? Early theory of elder abuse Assumes a well-intending, normally competent caregiver Becomes overwhelmed and lashes out High stress and low resources results in maltreatment

10 Limitations of Caregiver Stress Not supported by more recent research (pointing to domestic violence) Identifies the victim as the problem Abuser feels validated May ignore criminal aspects

11 Abuser Language

12 Holding Abusers Accountable Some elder abuse is a crime. Not all social service remedies are effective. Focus on victim safety and abuser accountability.

13 Barriers to Living Free from Abuse Abuser Tactics Internal Messages Systemic Responses

14 Barriers Fear Financial/Housing Health Values about family

15 Barriers Cultural values Immigration issues Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Religious/spiritual values

16 Barriers Rural Generational

17 Multidisciplinary Response Justice Social service Victim services/advocacy Aging network Health care Faith-based and others

18 Coordinated Community Response ReligiousLeadersReligiousLeaders AdvocatesAdvocates PolicePolice Adult Protective Agencies Health Professionals EducatorsEducators FriendsFriends Policy Makers Judges & Legal Professionals Judges & Legal Professionals

19 National Policy Initiatives Elder Justice Act ( or VAWA Reauthorization

20 National Center on Elder Abuse Six organizations funded to create the Center Web site Telephone number (202) 898-2586: fax (202) 898-2583 1201-15 th Street, N.W., Suite 350, Washington, D.C. 20005

21 National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL) A Project of the WI Coalition Against Domestic Violence (608) 255-0539

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