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Using Customer Feedback to Ensure Performance Excellence

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1 Using Customer Feedback to Ensure Performance Excellence
Dr. Yvonne Simmons Howze Section Director Health Information and Vital Statistics Department of State Health Services

2 Performance Excellence
Conceptual Framework Leadership/Followership Planning Teaming/Valuing Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

3 Performance Excellence
W3/W4 Who Are Our Customers? What Do They Want? What Can We Reasonably and Feasibly Do About What They Want? What Are They Holding Us Accountable For?

4 Performance Excellence
Customer Segments BLAIs Employees Vendors Buyers (of records) Timeliness Accuracy Empathy Courteousness

5 Performance Excellence
Measures Timeliness/Responsiveness Cycle Time Accuracy Getting it right Getting it right the first time

6 Performance Excellence
Measures Empathy I need this because… I need this now because… Courteousness Voice and Tone Polite Manner/Civil

7 Performance Excellence
Types of Measures Quantitative Effectiveness (#s, %, rates) Efficiency ($) Qualitative Impact (How did it change lives?)

8 Performance Excellence
Two Main Types of Research Basic Surveys, Interviews Applied Focus Groups

9 Performance Excellence
Types of Questions Multiple Choice Dichotomous Open-Ended

10 Performance Excellence
Surveys (Basic Research) To determine level of customer satisfaction To increase customer loyalty To improve operations

11 Performance Excellence
Quantitative Surveys Pencil and Paper Electronic/On-line Telephone Face-to-Face

12 Performance Excellence
Constructing Simple Surveys Elements: Protocol/ Administration Format Content Language Measurement

13 Performance Excellence
Samples and Examples

14 Performance Excellence
Considerations for Surveys Personalized (Name, address, etc.) Stated Purpose Similar Rating Scale Comments Section How/Where to Submit Thanks for Completion

15 Performance Excellence
Focus Groups (Applied Research) To drill-down on a particular topic To verify or clarify survey results To create an interactive opportunity in a more relaxed setting

16 Performance Excellence
Focus Groups Open-ended Questions Only 6-8 people preferred Participants should be hand-selected, but have a common interest in topic Need a Facilitator and a Scribe Should record the session No more than 2 hours

17 Performance Excellence
So What? Systematic—on-going effort Scientific—data collected, analyzed, and reported Everybody involved

18 Performance Excellence
Systematic (on-going) Baseline Targets Trends Comparisons Special versus Common Causes

19 Performance Excellence
The CORE Operational Insights Evidence of Impact Reporting and Distributing Continuous Improvement

20 Performance Excellence
How can you speak of the ocean if you never leave the pond?

21 Performance Excellence
Dr. Yvonne Simmons Howze 512/

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