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Welcome! Mrs. Sandy Kim Math 6, Daily Math 6, & Accelerated Math 6/7.

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1 Welcome! Mrs. Sandy Kim Math 6, Daily Math 6, & Accelerated Math 6/7

2 About Me Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Go Illini! Certified to teach K-8 7 th year in teaching This is my 4 th year @ Seneca Ridge

3 Units of Study Math 6: Algebraic Properties Equations and Inequalities Ratios Rational Numbers Measurement Geometry : Perimeter, Area, Volume & Surface Area Probability & Statistics Accelerated Math 6/7: All + more…

4 Homework Policy Homework is assigned every class. Students must complete all homework assignments on time. Homework will align with the content covered in class that day. It can consist of textbook practice, worksheets, activities, or Study Guides. Homework is checked for accuracy and reviewed the following class after assigned. Homework is listed on my webpage on the Calendar page.

5 Upcoming Assignments Math 6: Upcoming test on Properties is scheduled for September 11 th (A Day) and September 12 th (B Day.) Check calendar for future assessments and dates that assessments are returned for parent/guardian review. Check calendar for upcoming projects and assignments.

6 Student Expectations The students completed a Math Contract the first week of school. Please review the Behavioral and Academic Expectations on the contract for the Student, Teacher, and Parents. We need to work as a team to ensure your child’s success!!

7 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can my child re-take the assessment? A: Our Math Team has a specific policy for re-takes given at the teacher’s discretion. Please see the Retake Policy located in your child’s Notebook (Math 6)/Binder(Math 6/7). See me for an extra copy, if needed.

8 Please go to the Seneca Ridge website and click on “Staff.” Then, click on “Kim, Sandy.” Features on my website: Contact information Homework Calendar & assignments Test dates coming up Study resources on-line Topics Covered in each class for the school year Extra Math Help Available on TUESDAYS, WITH PERMISSION SLIP SIGNED BY PARENT

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