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1 Europe

2 Statistics of Europe 6th largest continent in land area (2nd smallest)
France is largest country which is entirely located in Europe 3rd most populated continent Germany has most people

3 Physical Geography

4 Resources Industrial Agricultural

5 Europe’s Resources Abundant coal Agricultural land
Helped Europe to industrialize Agricultural land 33% of continent is suitable for crops Compared to 11% on other continents Peat used as fuel in northern Europe Similar to coal

6 Importance of Water A large network of rivers has provided resources and transportation for much of Europe Rhine and Danube in mainland Thames in England Most places in Europe are not far from a water source

7 Human Environmental Interaction
In the Netherlands, people are creating their own land Diking a small area of water and then draining Land reclaimed from the sea is called polder


9 Polder’s good and bad results
Very fertile land Used for growing many crops Much of the land is below sea level Strong storms can flood area with saltwater


11 Venice – a city of canals
Collection of over 100 islands connected by canals Located in a lagoon Weight of buildings is causing city to sink


13 European History and Culture
You will receive an area of Europe (Mediterranean, Western, Northern, Eastern) Fill in that section of your chart Use chapter 13 in your book You have 15 minutes

14 European Group work In a group of 3, read your section and divide up the following tasks: What section do you have? Summary of history Summary of culture Summary of modern life Each should be at least ½ page in length

15 Europe Region History Issues Industry Misc Mediterranean
Ancient Rome and Greece, exploration Economic downfall, infrastructure Tourism, fishing, agriculture Islam, Catholicism, E. Orthodox Western Ruled by kingdoms, near constant warfare Eastern resurgence, economic support for Greece, etc. Agriculture, manufacturing, high-tech and service industries Reformation, finding an identity Northern Nordic conquerors, colonization Recent diversity, taxation Started revolution, tech jobs, aerospace, timber and agr. Protestant, adapting to climate Eastern Cultural crossroads, ancient empires Powder keg, development from communism Manufacturing, agriculture, oil Balkanization, struggle with democracy



18 Russia and the Republics
Refers to areas once a part of the Soviet Union Covers 2 continents and 11 time zones Much of the area is cold and uninhabited

19 Resources Chernozem, meaning black soil, is extremely fertile land in North European Plain Large oil and natural gas deposits


21 Economic challenges Due to political and economic transitions, many resources are unused Large distances and difficult terrain also contribute

22 Landforms Ural Mountains separate Europe and Asia
Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest lake Contains 20% of world’s freshwater

23 The Shrinking Aral Sea Read the article and fill in the cause and effect graphic organizer on the back of the paper.

24 The Shrinking Aral Sea Read the article and answer the following questions in your notebook. Use complete sentences: How was the Aral Sea formed? What is causing the Aral Sea’s water supply to dwindle? What are 2 environmental threats which have resulted from the sea drying up? How has the sea’s shrinkage affected the surrounding area? How have the people tried to save the sea? What additional steps could be taken to help the sea recover? (opinion)

25 Early Russian History Civilizations began in western Russia
Nordic invaders settled areas Mongols controlled until 1500’s Ivan the Great defeated them and began to build empire

26 Russian advancement Peter the Great helped industrialize Russia in the late 1600’s Studied in Europe Established a new capital near Europe (St Petersburg) Catherine the Great helped expand Russia’s boundaries

27 Russian Revolution Began in 1917 as Bolshevik Revolution
Vladimir Lenin led Communist Party and seized control of government Executed Czar Nicholas and his family Josef Stalin took power after Lenin’s death

28 Communist Control USSR established in 1922
Fought in WWII with allies after 1941 After war, engaged in long Cold War with U.S.

29 After Communism Soviet Union crumbled during 1980’s due in large part to arms race with U.S. Officially ended in 1991

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