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What do words mean to you?

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1 What do words mean to you?
How Bizarre is That? What do words mean to you?

2 Denotation vs. Connotation
Denotation is the dictionary or literal meaning of a word. Plump = a full, round, and pleasing figure. Connotative words suggest or imply emotional feelings relating to a specific meaning. Fat = While similar in meaning to plump, it has a very harsh and mean tone to it.

3 Emotional Impact of Words & Phrases
The choice of words that a writer uses, and the tone of those words, is what evokes an emotion in us. The tone of words can be positive, negative, or neutral, etc. Some words suggest dislike or disapproval.

4 Tone words evoke an emotion
The tone of the words is what evokes a certain emotion.

5 Connotation & Denotation are related to Tone
Connotation, denotation, emotion and tone all have an influence on the characterization method an author chooses. What kind of person would say certain things? How would certain people react differently to certain words or phrases?

6 Can you notice the difference?
I love him to the depths of my soul. I’m really crazy about him. Which one evokes more emotion?

7 Which one do think has a stronger, more negative feel to it?
You look a little odd today. You look really weird today.

8 Neutral – Positive - Negative
Friendly Hope Admit Single woman Clever Dislike Fraud Sincere

9 How does it affect the characters and you?
Impact on our Reading As an active reader (note taking), you should question an author’s use of words. Why does your author use neutral, positive, or negative connotative language? How does it affect the characters and you?




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