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United States Geography

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1 United States Geography

2 8 Physical Regions of USA!

3 Coastal Plain

4 Appalachian Mountains

5 Canadian Shield Canadian Shield

6 Interior Lowlands

7 Great Plains

8 Rocky Mountains

9 Basin and Range

10 Coastal Ranges

11 Answers B D C A ___ Coastal Plain
A. Rugged mountains along the Pacific Coast that stretch from California to Canada. Contains fertile valleys ___ Rocky Mountains B. Located along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Broad lowland providing many excellent harbors ___ Basin & Ridge C. Located west of Rocky Mountains and east of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades. Area of varying elevations containing isolated mountain ranges and Death Valley, the lowest point in North America   ___ Coastal Range D. Located west of the Great Plains and east of the Basin and Range. Rugged mountains stretching from Alaska almost to Mexico; high elevations. Contains the Continental Divide, which determines the directional flow of rivers B D C A

12 Answers G H E F ___ Great Plains
E. Wrapped around Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape. Hills worn by erosion and hundreds of lakes carved by glaciers. Holds some of the oldest rock formations in North America ___ Appalachian Mountains F. Located west of the Appalachian Mountains and east of the Great Plains. Rolling flatlands with many rivers, broad river valleys, and grassy hills ___ Canadian Shield G. Located west of Interior Lowlands and east of the Rocky Mountains. Flat land that gradually increases in elevation westward; grasslands ___ Interior Lowlands H. Located west of Coastal Plain extending from eastern Canada to western Alabama; includes the Piedmont. Old, eroded mountains (oldest mountain range in North America)   G H E F

13 Innovations Several innovations have helped to change our country for the better Eisenhower Interstate System Hoover Dam Erie Canal

14 System of Interstate and Defense Highways (Eisenhower Interstate System)
Developed by Dwight D. Eisenhower administration in 1956 Was first envisioned as a way to transport military equipment and evacuate cities Later became important for national travel

15 Interstate Facts Most traveled Highest elevation Longest
I-405 in L.A. with 390,000 vehicles/day Highest elevation I-70 at Continental Divide in Colorado (11,158 ft) Longest I-90 is 3,024 miles from Seattle to Boston Most states served I-95 serves 15 states from Maine to Florida Most interstates in a state New York has 29 different interstates


17 Hoover Dam Erie Canal

18 Instructions Find a partner Come to the front to get your packet
Answer on YOUR OWN PAPER!!! (not complete sentences) You only need to turn in 1 paper per group

19 Instructions Find a partner Come to the front to get your packet
Answer on YOUR OWN PAPER!!! (not complete sentences) Each person should do 1 packet(either Hoover Dam or Erie Canal). When finished, discuss with your partner and each person will write a paragraph explaining which is a more beneficial example of human-environmental interaction to the development of the U.S. Then staple your papers together before you leave to turn in

20 Columbian Exchange Exchange of goods, crops, cultures, and diseases between the eastern and western hemisphere during the 17th century


22 American Temptation The U.S. has long been a beacon for others to follow U.S. Constitution has been replicated many times Its abundance of resources and economic potential has lured immigrants for centuries

23 Immigration booms Several large influxes of immigrants have occurred throughout our history Large Asian immigration during early and mid 19th century Many lured by gold rush and railroad construction Large European immigration during late 19th century Coincided with industrial revolution Large Hispanic immigration during late 20th century Civil wars and economic troubles pushed many out

24 Points of entry Ellis Island (New York) Angel Island (San Francisco)


26 Urbanization Many of the immigrants moved to urban areas such as New York and Chicago Many jobs were there due to industrialization Roaring Twenties were the height of the urban lifestyle


28 Roaring 20’s letter Using 5-10 examples of twenties slang, write a letter to your parents who live in the rural areas of Kansas. Tell them how different life is and how your life has changed. Underline or highlight the examples of 20’s slang. This should be at least ½ page.

29 Urbanization Due to the large increase in population, America became an urbanized society during the early 20th century Today, urban sprawl is a growing problem

30 Urbanization Journal Entry
With the growing urban areas in the U.S., what are some good and bad consequences of becoming a more urbanized country? Explain in a paragraph.

31 Population distribution
Most Americans (80%) live in urban or suburban areas Rapid growth has led to urban sprawl in many places Atlanta, GA #40 – 420,003 Albuquerque, NM #32 – 545,852

32 Sun Belt Southern United States has seen a rapid increase over the past 50 years. Why??? 1960 2010 1. New York 2. Chicago Los Angeles 3. 4. Philadelphia Houston 5. Detroit 6. Baltimore Phoenix 7. San Antonio 8. Cleveland San Diego 9. Washington, D.C. Dallas 10. St. Louis San Jose St. Louis Dallas Washington, D.C. Los Angeles San Antonio New York Baltimore Cleveland San Jose Houston Philadelphia Phoenix San Diego Chicago Detroit

33 Problems in U.S. Terrorism Poverty Foreign and domestic
15.1% living in poverty (2010) Single individual - $11,344 Single Parent w/ 1 child - $15,030 Two adults w/ 1 child - $17,552

34 “Melting Pot” vs. “Mosaic”
For many years, U.S. was referred to as a “melting pot” Many different ingredients mixed into a large pot Recently, the term “mosaic” has begun to be used Many different “tiles” assembled together to form one whole picture

35 U.S. mosaic Create a list of 10 pictures you would put into your U.S. mosaic. In other words, what 10 individual things could you assemble to help create the U.S. as a whole? Write an explanation for each.

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