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Chapter 9 Essential Questions

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1 Chapter 9 Essential Questions
Georgia in the Trustee Period

2 Who is James Edward Oglethorpe?
Give three reasons for founding the colony of Georgia. Using the policy of mercantilism, explain the purpose or function of the colony of Georgia. What document established the rules of the colony? Who were responsible for operating the colony under the charter?

3 Who was the only trustee that came to the colony of Georgia?
What was the name of the ship used to travel to the colony? Who was Tomochichi? What did John and Mary Musgrove do for the colonists? Where did the colonists settle? What was it named after they settled it?

4 Who was the surveyor who laid out the streets and squares of the settlement?
What three things did each household receive? What did Oglethorpe establish for protection of the settlers? What 3 laws were approved for the colony by Britain in 1736? Why were the Jews allowed in the settlement?

5 Who was the leader of the Salzburgers?
What did the Salzburgers produce that was pleasing to the trustees? Which group of settlers were pacifists? Which group was asked to come to the colony because they were good soldiers and fighters? Who were the Malcontents?

6 Which two countries were fighting in the War of Jenkins’s Ear?
Where did Oglethorpe try to invade unsuccessfully? In what battle did the colonists of Georgia defeat the Spanish? Who was named president of the colony of Georgia? Which two restrictions were removed that allowed rice plantations to be created?

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