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Web Designer Shanice Winbush HSAY Ms. Cuyler-1 st period.

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1 Web Designer Shanice Winbush HSAY Ms. Cuyler-1 st period

2 What is Web Design? A broad term used to encompass the way that content is delivered to an end user through the World Wide Web. It may sound complicated but, in laymans term, web design is the construction of a web site.

3 Web Design Web design involves the structure of the website. It includes the overall layout of the pages and the overall design. content/uploads/2009/08/webdesign.jpg

4 What is a professional web designer? A web designer is the person that creates web sites and deals with any associated application software. content/uploads/2009/12/web-design.jpg

5 Why a web designer? I want to be a professional web designer because of the tedious work and the final outcome of my efforts bring. I love a constant challenge that takes a lot of determination and hard work to perfect. My love for computers and the evolving technology is what also draws me in to become a professional web designer.

6 Work Settings and Conditions Many web designers are free lancers. This mean that they are self-employed and are able to work from home. Other web designers work for many It companies and larger businesses such as: Google, Microsoft Corp., Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, and various advertisement companies.

7 Work Settings and Conditions The same is still true for both free lance and company employed web designers. The hours are long and they include working nights & weekends Time lines differ based on the clients, tasks, and deadlines.

8 Work Settings and Conditions Web designer spend most of their time on computers. Constantly making test sites for their clients and having a lot of trial and error situations before submitting a final product. content/uploads/2008/12/istock_000005811070xsmall.jpg

9 Earnings According to web designers make about $35,000 to $75,000 a Free-lance web designers according to the same web site are said to make $15,000 to $100,000 a year, but do not have a salary. Instead they are paid based on contract agreements.

10 Earnings Overall earning for both self-employed and company employed web designers are based on the same principle. The more education and training you have the more you will eventually get paid.

11 Education and Training Web designers may or may not have advance degrees. This is one of those professions where a formal background is not required. Many web designers are self taught and have great portfolios filled with projects they have completed themselves as proof they are well qualified. hullma_jacobsclass/kenney/014E8E66- 000F8513.2/book_animated.gif

12 Education and Training However, formal education in this growing competitive field is key to gain employers interest and to reel in the BIG BUCKS. Degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration, and E-Commerce are most common.

13 Web Designers Tasks A web designer must balance how a page looks with the pages overall functionality, accessibility, and the demands of the client. This can very difficult because the demands of the client may interfere with the other aspects of the overall web site making a web designers job harder.

14 Web Designers Tasks Web designers must have a understanding of software functionality, as well as, graphic design skills to create successful web pages.

15 The Business Aspect

16 Where Will I work? I made the decision to become a free lance web designer. Becoming a free lance web designer means that I will work from home. I will have to build my business from the ground up, create my own hours, advertisements and promotions and most importantly be my own boss.

17 Building The Business The Web Canvas Company will be classified as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This is a business structure that is commonly used for small to medium sized businesses. LLCs allow owners to have limited personal liability for the debts and actions of the LLC.

18 Benefits of LLCs LLCs are more like a partnership, providing management flexibility and the benefit of pass- through taxation. – This means that owners (also known as "members") report their share of profits or losses in the company on their individual tax returns. The IRS does not assess taxes on the company itself. This avoids the "double taxation" Owners of an LLC are called members. Members may include individuals, corporations, other LLCs and foreign entities. There is no maximum number of members.

19 Start Up Costs Domain name and hosting services –($15/month*) – Companies that will publish my web site. Stationery, Business Cards, & other marketing & advertising materials-($9,500*) – Banners, billboards, car & bus signs etc… Needed software –($250*) – Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Dream Weaver, etc… A desk space and supplies –($9,750*) – Computers, printers, ink, etc… Rainy Day Funding and Savings –($5000) Subscriptions to stock photo sites and other forms of resources –($25/month*) – web sites with photos and other resources I may need to complete clients web page. * -Estimates Total:$24,980

20 How will I cover the cost? -Unfortunately money doesnt grow on trees, so where will I get resources? SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!! Business Loan SCORE and SBDC Offices – SCORE is a non-profit, volunteer group of retired business executives – Small Business Development Center is part of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and exists to help existing and new small businesses. It will help small business owners with the application process for a small business loan.

21 Covering Costs Contd SBA-guaranteed loan – Small Business Administration The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) – federal agency created specifically to foster the establishment and growth of minority-owned businesses. Borrow from family & friends Live Frugally

22 Freelancing Territory I must take in consideration other aspects that come with being self-employed. I will have to look into taxing information, insurance, and other assets that will be changed with self-employment. I will make contracts, terms & serivce agreements, as well as copyright agreement with clients prior to handling any business with them. – An example of what a contact may look –

23 A Growing Business My home base LLC could become more popular and reach a national level. If so I will change from a LLC to a corporation at that time. I will then have the means to hire more employees, open in more locations, and nationally do what I love.

24 Web Design Is The Career For Me design.jpg design/love.jpg

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26 Thank You Thank you judges and audience for listening presentation about my passion Any Questions?

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