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Construction Construct triangles with given conditions.

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1 Construction Construct triangles with given conditions.
Construct a ∆ ABC in which BC= 6cm, CA = 5cm, and AB = 4cm Construct a ∆ PQR in which PQ = 5.8cm, QR = 6.5cm and PR = 4.5cm Construct a ∆ LMN in which LM = LN=5.5cm, and MN = 7cm Construct a ∆ STU in which T=60° U = 70° and TU = 7.5cm Construct a right triangle ABC in which C= 90 °and B = 45, CB = 5cm Construct an equilateral triangle in which AB=BC=CA=6cm. Measure each angle.

2 Easy as Pi It’s as Easy as Pi
1. Carefully wrap string around the circumference of your circular object. 2. Cut the string when it is exactly the same length as the circumference. 3. Now take your “string circumference” and pull it across the diameter of your circular object. Cut as many “string diameters” from your “string circumference” as you can. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 with at least 3 different circular objects. 5. Record your results in the table. Use a calculator to find the ratio of circumference and diameter. What do you notice?

3 What’s My Solid Each of the following descriptions fit one or more solids (prism, pyramid, cone, cube, a cylinder). For each clue, describe what solid it may be and your justification for selecting that solid. If the description fits more than one solid, name and provide justification for each solid. Sketch the solid, and illustrate the properties described.

4 Stained Glass Construct Parallel Lines, Supplementary Angles and Complementary Angles to create triangles. Use key to design stained glass. 5 Sets of Parallel Lines 3 Supplementary Angles 3 Complementary Angles Key Right Triangles-Red Isosceles Triangles-Blue Obtuse Triangles-Orange Acute Triangles-Green Scalene Triangles-Purple

5 How Much Is Enough? Perimeter- distance around Area-space inside
Surface Area -area of all faces of a solid Volume- the capacity of a figure Circumference-the distance around a circle 2-D Geometric Figures Square and rectangle Triangle Parallelogram Trapezoid Circle 3-D Geometric Figures Sphere Cone Pyramid Cylinder Prism Cube

6 Geometry In Action Solve word problems Illustrate word problem
Answer question in complete sentences

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