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What Middle School School Students Need to Know Advice from Current Chamblee 7 th Graders Thanks to Dr. Hall, Ms. Bolston, Ms. Price, Ms. Farmer and the.

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1 What Middle School School Students Need to Know Advice from Current Chamblee 7 th Graders Thanks to Dr. Hall, Ms. Bolston, Ms. Price, Ms. Farmer and the entire 7B Team

2 The math teachers are really nice. They explain math really well so that you can breeze through the math chapters really fast. Sometimes they give out candy, but if they dont, dont bother them about it. -Zoe Nwabunka

3 Always be respectful to your teachers and always do the work because pretty soon you will finish middle school and find yourself wishing you could do it all over again. -Zoe Nwabunka

4 Homeroom is the time between breakfast and 1 st period. Its the time that you get to chill for 20 minutes and talk to your friends. Lockers are annoying. When you put your lock on, its sometimes impossible to get it off. -Gil Tamli

5 In 7 th grade you get to learn about Asia and Africa, science, and reading and writing, and prealgebra. You get to do science labs and go on field trips. -Shakil Jenkins

6 For connections classes, I had Art, Computer Ed, Health, Spanish and PE. These classes are not hard. I passed every class with a B+ or higher. Just listen and do the work. -Shakil Jenkins

7 Its hard being new at a school, but the best advice I can give is just be yourself. Think about it, would you feel alright if you were acting like someone else? Take it from me, being yourself is way easier than being someone else. -Corey Bright

8 Never go to sleep in class. Pay attention and dont talk when the teacher is talking. Dont misbehave or you can get detention. Its hard at first but you will get used to it. -Beth Tadesse

9 The main thing is to have a dependable friend. You will have many group activities and will need a smart and agreeing partner. Avoid enemies. The best thing to do is ignore them. If a problem comes up that is too hard for you to handle, you can go and see a counselor. -Beth Tadesse

10 Now the cafeteria, some of the food that they cook is ok. The only good thing is that they serve ice cream, like strawberry shortcake, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream cones. The other good thing is the vending machines. -Alisha Andrews

11 I like being in the band. I play the flute pretty well. We went to Tennessee and the Georgia Aquarium this year. It was fun. I hope you get to go too! -Abisai Cruz

12 You only get a break when the bell rings. You only have a certain time to go to lockers. We go at 1 st period, 3 rd period and 7 th period. We change classes or schedules every 9 weeks. -Haydee Torres

13 We get projects almost every month. They might be a lot of work, but the teachers give you enough time to do them. Dont be late to class, make the effort to get there on time. Dont spend too much time talking to friends, going to the bathroom, getting water, going to your locker because you only have 4 minutes. -Hafsha Nawreen

14 If you know that you do not like someone, stay away from them. Dont be a dummy and try to fight. Thats not going to do anything but get you into trouble. -Jamani Chavis

15 Homeroom is a great opportunity to do homework or study for a test. Keep your locker organized or you wont be able to find anything. -Zain Lowe

16 You only have a limited time to get to each class. If you are late once, you get a warning, twice-a write up, third- detention and fourth-ISS. So dont be late. Breaks are important. You can chat with friends or study for something. You might want to do the second one just in case. -Zain Lowe

17 Turn in your class work or you will get a low grade. If you turn stuff in correctly by the due date, you get 100%, but if you are late, you get a 70. You better do your homework and projects because it will affect your grade. -Erika Pedraza

18 Teachers dont like it when you are rude to adults or your peers. They are really nice so just be nice and respectful yourself. -Ivonne Alva

19 Trust me, dont get in the wrong crowd. Never get in a fight. Just hold your tongue. Find good friends and real ones. -Cheyenne Kelly

20 Dont lose your books. You might have to carry 5 of them. You cant carry book bags around. If you carry a book bag, they might take it. If you lose a book, you will have to pay Malik Adigun

21 When you get to school, you need to eat breakfast and then wait for the bell to ring to go to homeroom. If you have to to go anywhere, you need a pass. -Michael Cooks

22 Every time that you are absent, you must get the work that you missed. -Juan Serrano

23 In middle school, you will have finals. Dont worry, the teachers always give you a study guide. -Chris Spivey

24 You will have 7 classes total. You might even have one teacher twice. Science is easy to learn and it is fun. Stay on your teachers good side. -Christian Johnson

25 You still have the take the CRCT. Your schedule might be crazy because classes are only 25 minutes long on testing days -Liz Herrera

26 I came here from New Orleans. At first I thought no one would talk to me, I thought I was the only one from New Orleans, but I was wrong. Everyone here is nice. -Alisha Andrews

27 You have to dress out in PE in sportswear and sneakers. You switch between 2 sports every nine weeks. Tuesday and Thursday are running days. The majority of your grade is participating and dressing out. Some of the sports are kickball, volleyball, football, soccer, or basketball. -Bethelehem Tadesse

28 No cellphones. If the teachers see you with it, they will take it, and a parent has to come and pick it up. -Aja Mitchell

29 If you are not that good in math, you can take a Math Tools class. This will help you out. -Alynda Ezzard

30 What you need for Language Arts A journal Paper Literature book Pens and pencils A GREAT ATTITUDE -Alynda Ezzard

31 Sometimes your lockers can make you late for class. You might want to buy a locker shelf so that it wont be messy. -Kye Harris

32 Do extra credit work whenever you can. Study for your tests and quizzes. No eating or chewing gum. -Morgan Stephens

33 You have to take Health once a year. It is compulsory. In order to have band or orchestra, you have to have experience or already be trained. -Bigyan Mainali

34 Make sure that you do all of your class work and most importantly, turn it in. This should be easy to remember because the teachers help you with it. -Timothy Turnley

35 Some of the teachers really care about you. They will ask about your day and listen to your problems. -Sally Hoang

36 There are 3 lunch periods, so you might be on 1 st lunch or last lunch. You only have about 25 minutes to go through the line, so chew. You can also bring your own lunch. You have to sit with your class. -Stephen Hwang

37 Dont wait to the last minute to do projects. The teachers will tell you ahead of time, so it is a good idea to start early. -Galilea Malede

38 In science, you dont have to take a textbook home because you have an online textbook. That is cool -Sharisse Dreyer

39 Choose your friends wisely. You + Friend = little bit of fun You + Friends = some fun You + lots of Friends = TONS OF FUN!! -David Yakubov

40 If you try and cut the lunch line, you will be caught and have to go to the end of the line. Mr. Leech is the campus security and he is watching you. -Sanai Meles

41 ELT class is extended learning time. You get work in this class to help you with your other classes. -Kresha Hogan

42 Learning your locker schedule is tough. But you will adjust and then get used to it. Just write it down and then put it in your pocket. School breaks are good. They give you a reminder so you will know when school is closed. -Devoris Thomas

43 When you finish a project, turn it in early on on the day it is due for two reasons. One, so you wont forget it or bring it in late-which will deduct points off your grade and two-you might get extra points for turning it in on time. -Alexis Broughton

44 If you ride a shuttle bus, you might not get home until 5:30 or 6:00, so try to do your homework in class if you can or on the bus. -Alexis Broughton

45 If your teacher doesnt collect classwork at the end of class, do not throw it away. You never know when they will ask for it. You might have a notebook check. -Milan Anthony

46 Dont be afraid to talk and get to know other people. Dont be shy. I wish you wonderful times at Chamblee Middle School. -Amber Patterson

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