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Romanticism & Transcendentalism English 2 Period 6 Loyola High School.

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1 Romanticism & Transcendentalism English 2 Period 6 Loyola High School

2 Romanticism — Definition Often called American Renaissance Artistic and intellectual movement (late 1700s- mid 1800s) 19 th century literature depicting emotional matter in an imaginative form Backlash to Age of Reason — based on emotions Stage of individualism marked by revolutionary political ideas Cultural & individual independence from Europe

3 Characteristics of Romanticism Belief in natural goodness of man Man in a state of nature behaves well but hindered by civilization Excitement over human possibilities and a high regard for individual ego Freedom from rules Individualism and spontaneity Imagination

4 Characteristics of Romanticism Art rather than science can best express universal truth Interest in the antique: medieval ballads and tales, mythology, gothic Art & literature held on a pedestal Returned to Nature — Deepened appreciation of nature Affirmation of democracy

5 Characteristics of Romanticism Exalted emotion over reason & intellect Heightened examination of human personality & its mental potentialities Pre-occupation with the genius, the hero, and the exceptional figure — passions and inner strengths Creative spirit is more important than strict adherence to rules & procedures Obsessive interest in folk culture, national & ethnic origins and medieval era

6 Characteristics of Romanticism Focus on the exotic, the remote, the mysterious, the weird, the occult, the monstrous and the satanic and diseased

7 Important Figures Walt Whitman Edgar Allan Poe Ralph Waldo Emerson William Cullen Bryant Washington Irving David Thoreau Herman Melville Nathaniel Hawthorne Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Emily Dickinson James Fenimore Cooper

8 Cause/Effect Enlightenment — rationalization/logic Western Expansion National optimism European immigrants Neo- classicism/Formalism  A lot of great literature  Established an American Identity & American “ genre ”  Spurred new artistic movements  Established anti- slavery sentiments in North

9 Literary Manifestations Leaves of Grass — Walt Whitman Moby Dick — Herman Melville Legend of Sleepy Hollow — W. Irving The Scarlet Letter — Hawthorne “ The Raven ”— Poe “ Tell-Tale Heart ”— Poe Walden — Thoreau Last of the Mohicans — Cooper

10 Transcendentalism Maintains that man has ideas that come not from the 5 senses or the powers of reasoning Instead, Truth comes from direct revelation from God, through inspiration or His imminent presence in the spiritual world. Stressed intuition & individual conscience

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