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The Georgia High School Writing Test. Writing a Quality Introduction Writing Workshop Session 1.

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1 The Georgia High School Writing Test

2 Writing a Quality Introduction Writing Workshop Session 1

3 What do you know about the writing test?

4 The GHSWT … tests ability to compose a persuasive essay requires an opinion to be formed and supported times the writers ability to develop ideas (90 min) scores writing ability based on four domains

5 Time Frames Time Frames Planning/Prewriting15 min. Drafting35 min. Revising/Editing25 min. Final Draft20 min. Proofreading 5 min.

6 Count Down… Count Down… Hard work is needed! The test is

7 What makes a paper good enough to pass?

8 A Quality Paper Domain IIdeas40% Domain IIOrganization20% Domain IIIStyle 20% Domain IVConventions20%

9 The Power Domain: Ideas Controlling Idea/FocusControlling Idea/Focus Supporting DetailsSupporting Details ( facts, illustrations, details or examples) ( facts, illustrations, details or examples) Relevance of DetailsRelevance of Details Depth of developmentDepth of development Awareness of persuasive purposeAwareness of persuasive purpose Sense of CompletenessSense of Completeness

10 Lets examine an essay! Take a look at a sample essay. Read the essay and discuss what score you would give the essay in the domains: Ideas, Organization, Style and Conventions

11 Writing the Introduction How do I get started?

12 Writing the Introduction * Engaging Opening (Question, Statistic, Quote or Direct Statement) * Controlling Idea (clearly stated position) * Background Information ( provide additional information on the topic before stating your position )

13 Looking back… Lets take another look at your introductory paragraph on the mock essay you composed. Does your essay have all the components of an effective introductory paragraph?

14 Now lets look at a new writing topic. Lets dissect the prompt. Determine audience, format, and purpose for writing. Writing Situation Many students do not think the subjects they study in high school prepare them for the real world they will face after graduation. The principal at your school is asking students for their opinions about new courses that could be offered to prepare students for life after high school. What new course do you think should be offered? Directions for Writing Write a letter to convince the principal that your new course should be offered. Be sure to explain why your new course is needed, using specific examples and details.

15 The Introduction Sample Introductory Paragraphs In groups of 4, read each of the three introductions. Rate the paragraphs engaging opening and background information. Decide whether the introduction has a controlling idea (position statement).

16 The Introduction Which introduction is the quality introduction in your group? Within your group list reasons and provide evidence

17 Writing Topic Writing Situation Many professional athletes earn millions of dollars each year while teachers, nurses, firefighters and law enforcement officers earn much less per year. Is it fair that professional athletes earn such high salaries compared to these public servants? Why? Why not? Directions for Writing Write your opinion to the editor of the local newspaper. Include reasons and evidence that will convince the newspaper subscribers to support your position. Now you try… Now you try… Write a introduction! Write a introduction!

18 Writing the Body Paragraph Writing Workshop Session 2

19 Writing the Body Paragraph * Topic Sentence (Complete sentence introducing the fact/reason) * Closing Sentence (final thought about the fact/reason) * Supporting Sentences (explain how or why)

20 The Writing Glue: Transition Words Transition words serve as a sort of writing glue. Use a variety of good transition words within your paragraphs to create coherent paragraphs. Use good paragraph transition words in essays to help your ideas flow throughout the essay. Don't use the same transition repeatedly, unless you are doing so for a specific effect.

21 Developing the Body Paragraphs Build support by developing fires! F acts I llustrations R easons E xamples S tatistics

22 Developing the Body Paragraphs Now you try… write a body paragraph with developed supporting ideas ! write a body paragraph with developed supporting ideas !

23 Writing the Concluding Paragraph Proofreading Your Essay Writing Workshop Session 3

24 Writing the Conclusion Remember… Summarize main points stated throughout body paragraphs Do not RESTATE main reasons in the same way; you may summarize them using other descriptions/details Provide a call for action, make alternate suggestions, provide advice, end with a quote or intriguing question.

25 Refine and Proofread When you are done with the rough draft, ask yourself: Is my writing clear? Do my ideas make sense? Are my points and conclusions supported by evidence? Do I avoid repetition? Do I use proper grammar and spelling? Have I re-read my entire essay silently?

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