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Setting Up The Interactive Notebook!! Step by Step…

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1 Setting Up The Interactive Notebook!! Step by Step…

2 What is the IAN (Interactive Notebook)? Definition - IAN is an organized collection of thoughts, ideas, sketches, data, and equations – a running record of the scientists thoughts.

3 Why The IAN?? Note-taking becomes an active process Students will organize as they learn Uses both visual and linguistic intelligences Reinforces reading, writing, & research skills Forces teachers to balance between giving information and letting the students process it Forces students to process information Reminds teachers to give time to absorb It gives students permission to be creative Is a portfolio of learning students can keep

4 Setting Up The Notebook Number ALL The Pages In Your Notebook Begin With The First Page Use a Marker or Pen Put Numbers in Bottom Corner of Each Page Remember – Odd Numbers are Right Side Pages and Even Numbers are Left Side Pages!!!!

5 Front Cover Create a personalized course related cover using pics, drawings, etc. Include complete name and period See classroom model Hint: use text book table of contents Use clear self- adhesive to cover front and back of IAN.

6 Front Cover and Page 1 Your Name Subject 1 st Semester Class Period 1 Glue in the Formula Chart Here! YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 4 COLORS!!!

7 Inside The Back Cover Glue in the Periodic Table DOK Chart Here!

8 Back Cover Create a personalized warning label Giving teacher info about: * your good days * your bad days * your pet peeves (school related) Eg. Cigarettes may be harmful too your health.

9 Pages 2 and 3 23 Glue in the page that says: Keeping Interactive Notebooks In Science: The Left Side Glue in the page that says: Keeping Interactive Notebooks In Science: The Right Side

10 Page Glue in 3 pages: On the bottom, glue down Write a Letter Above that, flap in Concept Mapping On top, flap in Interactive Notebook Left Side Activities

11 Left Vs. Right – Whats The Difference? Turn to pages 2 and 3 of the notebook. In order for people to learn a concept, they must not only be introduced to it and practice it, but they must be able to take that information and use it to create something else – they must implement it!

12 Left Vs. Right continued… This is the foundation for the left vs. right pages Right pages are where the information is coming in to the brain Cornell Notes, definitions, etc… Left pages are where the students show that they have processed information See page 2 for ideas! THERE CAN NEVER BE A LEFT WITHOUT A RIGHT OR VICE VERSA…THEY GO TOGETHER LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!!

13 Page Draw a Picture Illustrating the Difference Between Left and Right Sides! You MUST use at least 4 colors! DRAW PICTURE HERE!!

14 Pages 6 and Teacher Commentary TABLE OF CONTENTS Left Side Right Side

15 Update Your Table of Contents! 6 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Left Side Right Side 1. Name & Class Info 2. Left Side Activities 3. Right Side Info. 4. Left vs. Right 5. Activity Explanations 6. Teacher Comments 7. Table of Contents

16 Basic Rules of the IAN Some Basic IAN Rules Are As Follows: Pages May NEVER be removed!!! The Table of Contents is your guide…if it says page 12, then use page 12 and only page 12. If it doesnt fit, flap it in! You must leave your notebook in the class in the correct crate. Keep track of your own notebook.

17 Basic Rules of the IAN Continued Use Color and Creativity!!! No Blank Pages!!! Update Your Table of Contents Daily!!! It may be graded at any time, so be prepared!

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