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Birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism

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1 Birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism
Ancient India Birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism

2 Ancient India Geography
Like ancient Egypt, India’s early civilization developed along a river which flooded and left fertile silt. Ancient Indian civilization began in the Indus River Valley.

3 Ancient India- Geography
The Indus River begins in the Himalayas Mountains- the tallest mountains in the world. It ends in the Arabian Sea. Civilization began here because the spring floods of the Indus River made farming possible.

4 Ancient India- Geography
The ancient Indus Valley civilization was called Harappan Civilization, named after the ancient city of Harappa. Another famous ancient city was Mohenjo-Daro, located about 400 miles south of Harappa. Both cities are famous for their: Brick buildings Sewer system City laid out in city blocks

5 Ancient India Birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism
One important religion that began in India was Hinduism. Hinduism grew out of the beliefs of the Aryans who came to India from the north through the Khyber Pass. Ancient Indians were polytheistic. In Hinduism, every person has a place in society, and was part of a caste system.

6 Ancient India Birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism
Buddhism developed from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, a prince who became a monk. He said that the way to end suffering in the world is to follow the: 4 noble truths 8 fold path Middle way

7 Ancient India- Politics
The Hindu religion helped the Indian people govern themselves. Everyone believed that following their dharma, or rules of their caste was important. This eliminated disorder.

8 Ancient India- Politics
Asoka was the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire. He brought nearly all of India under his control. He became a Buddhist, and made Buddhism the state religion.

9 Ancient India- Economy
Ancient Indian economy was based on agriculture, just as it was in Egypt. The ancient Indians also traded with others across the Mediterranean Sea, in Mesopotamia.

10 Ancient India -Social Structure
The Aryans first brought the religious ideas of the Vedas to the Harappans. The Vedas, and later Hinduism, laid out a social structure, called a caste system, Each person was born into a caste and was destined to stay there until his or her next life.

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