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2 Directions You are to create a PowerPoint presentation. It will only consist of 4 slide. Please use the examples that follow in these directions. You can personalize the slides (change colors, font, add pictures, etc.) but please do not add or delete any. Once you have finished your project, turn in to your Engrade account, under the quizzes tab. Assignment titled “Final Project” If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to kmail me.

3 Slide 1: Type your name here
Interior Design Final Project 2014

4 Slide 2: My Floor Plan Here you will insert a schematic drawing of your floor plan (see sample on the next slide) Intro to Interior Design will submit a living room and kitchen floor plan Interior Design Home Furnishings will submit a one room floor plan (a living room, formal dining room or a bedroom) Extra credit: Color your floor plan

5 Here is an example of a schematic floor plan
Here is an example of a schematic floor plan. If you choose to color for extra credit, it is best to use colored pencils.

6 What your floor plan should include Be sure to follow floor plan directions that were given in class (Can be found on the Wiki page under Unit 4: Housing) Interior/exterior walls Windows Stairs/fireplace/bookcases Doors Furniture placement Traffic patterns marked in red

7 Slide 3: My Budget Insert or type your budget on this page. Your budget should include a brief description of items to be purchased, estimated cost, final cost, and where you purchased from. You budget should include – all furniture, large accessories, etc.

8 Here is an example of what your budget page should look like.

9 Slide 4: My Furnishings Here you will include at least 4 pictures of furniture items and/or accessories that you budgeted for.


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