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1 Landforms

2 Landforms Naturally found features on the surface of the Earth
Those found underneath the ocean are oceanic landforms

3 Oceanic Landforms

4 Human Environmental Interaction
Landforms can help determine where people live Describe the picture, as it relates to where people live

5 Weathering Over time, landforms can change
What happened as the land bridge disappeared?

6 Weathering Can also create new landforms

7 Landform Definition Example Archipelago (atlas) Bay Canyon Cape Delta Desert (atlas) Gulf Island Freshwater lake (atlas) Saltwater lake (atlas) Mountains (3) Peninsula Plain (atlas) River (3) (atlas) Tributary (river flow into) (atlas)

8 Landform Definition Example Archipelago Group of islands Hawai'i, Florida Keys Bay Coastal indentation of sea/lake into land Tampa Bay, Green Bay Canyon Deep valley with steep sides Grand Canyon Cape Point of land extending out into body of water Cape Cod, Cape Canaveral Delta Area of land formed by deposits at mouth of a river Mississippi Delta Desert Area of land with little rainfall or vegetation Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert Gulf Large extension of sea partly surrounded by land Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Alaska Island Body of land completely surrounded by water Oahu, Maui Freshwater lake Body of freshwater completely surrounded by land Lake Michigan, Lake Okeechobee Saltwater lake Body of saltwater completely surrounded by land Great Salt Lake Mountains (3) Area of land rising much higher than the land around it Mt McKinley, Mt Hood, Mt Whitney Peninsula Long piece of land surrounded on 3 sides by water Florida, Seward Peninsula, Upper Peninsula Plain Large area of flat or gently rolling land Great Plains River (3) Stream of freshwater flowing to another body of water Mississippi River, Ohio River, Missouri River Tributary (river flow into) River that flows into a larger river Missouri River into Mississippi River

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