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Civil War Begins Pages 164-169.

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1 Civil War Begins Pages

2 Secession After the John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, many southerners believed secession was the only way to protect their states’ rights and continue as a slave-owning region. Secession is when part of a country leaves or breaks off from the rest.

3 Northerners Northerners upset Republican Party
Kansas-Nebraska Act & Dred Scott decision. Republican Party New political party formed wanted to keep slavery out of the territories

4 Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln famous Republican
only served one term in Congress after the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Lincoln decided to run for senate

5 Senate Race Lincoln ran against Stephen Douglas Lincoln Douglas
Debated 7 times slavery was discussed every time Lincoln slavery = “moral, social, and political evil” Douglas wanted popular sovereignty in the territories.

6 Senate Race Douglas thought that Lincoln
slavery was not wrong and it should be legal if people wanted it the country could remain split or divided into free and slave state. Lincoln hated slavery did not think the national gov. had the right to end it

7 A Divided Nation Lincoln lost the election Debates made Lincoln famous
Northerners thought he was a hero while the southerners thought he was the enemy.

8 Presidential Election 1860
John Breckinridge vs. Lincoln Breckinridge wanted slavery allowed in all the territories. Lincoln won the election even with none of the southern states voting for him.

9 Southerners extremely upset feared
the gov. would grow stronger slavery would not exist After Lincoln was elected, southerners believed secession was the only way to protect their rights

10 Secession Begins withdrew from the Union
SC, MI, FL, AL, GA, Louisiana, & TX delegates from the 7 states voted to form their own confederation The Confederate States of America The Confederacy was led by Jefferson Davis.

11 Fort Sumter President Lincoln tried to hold the country together, but in Charleston, South Carolina, the state militia had surrounded Fort Sumter. The Confederate government wanted control of the fort and Lincoln refused to surrender.

12 Fort Sumter Lincoln sent supplies to the fort instead of giving up and this made the Confederate leaders think that Lincoln’s refusal to surrender Fort Sumter as an act of war. The Confederates ordered cannons to fire on the fort. On April 12, 1861, the first shot was fired.

13 Civil War The cannons fired for 34 hours. As last, the soldiers in the fort had to surrender. The attack on the fort marked the beginning of the Civil War. President Lincoln called for 75,000 soldiers to fight. Some state refused to fight for Lincoln and joined the Confederacy instead.

14 Lesson Review American who opposed slavery formed the Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln became famous for his speeches against slavery. After Lincoln’s election, southern states began to leave the Union.

15 DEBATE Team One Team Two
President Lincoln should have tried to keep the union together President Lincoln should have let the confederacy continue as a separate union

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