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Welcome to Livsey’s Discovery Program.

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1 Welcome to Livsey’s Discovery Program

2 The Georgia State Board…
defines a gifted student as “ a student who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual, creative and/or artistic ability (ies), possesses exceptional leadership skills, or excels in specific academic fields and who needs special instruction and/or special ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with his or her abilities.” Free powerpoint template:

3 Free powerpoint template:
The Discovery Program Students at Livsey participate in a “resource” model gifted program where they are “pulled out” for a minimum of 225 minutes per week, and are supported by a certified teacher of the gifted. Free powerpoint template:

4 Free powerpoint template:
Eligibility Criteria To be eligible for gifted services, students must qualify in three of the following four areas: Mental Ability Minimum of 96% in at least one sub-test area. Achievement Minimum of 90% on the total reading, total math, or complete composite. Creativity Minimum of 90% on an assessment for creativity. Motivation Grades K-12 - Minimum of 90% on an assessment for motivation Free powerpoint template:

5 Eligibility Criteria, Cont’d
Note: A qualifying score on a nationally normed test is required to meet the criteria in at least one area. Any data used to establish eligibility in one area shall not be used to establish eligibility in another area. Assessment scores are valid for two years. Private test data may not be used to determine eligibility. It may be used as a referral for further evaluation. Free powerpoint template:

6 Free powerpoint template:
Evaluations Used Students in grades 1, 3, and 5 will be given the CogAT (Mental Abilities) test in October. In November, classroom teachers will annually evaluate their students in grades 1, 3, and 5 using the Renzulli Assessment for Creativity and Motivation. Students in grades 1, 3, and 5 will be given the ITBS (Achievement) in October. Evidence must be gathered in all four areas. Students who are new to the county or state and come with no scores or in the even grades, will be evaluated using the same criteria with the exception of the Achievement – the Stanford will be used. Free powerpoint template:

7 DeKalb County School System Program for Gifted’s Vision and Aims
DCSS will foster the educational and social development of gifted through the achievement of a climate in which giftedness is recognized, understood and accepted through a process in which the special needs of gifted children are met fully, effectively and with generosity. DCSS Program for Gifted has three main aims: To bring gifted children together to experience a variety of challenging activities To support teachers in the area of educating gifted children To educate and support parents of the gifted children Free powerpoint template:

8 Kindergarten Identification
There are a few steps in the process of identifying and placing kindergarten gifted students. Teachers or parent/guardian may recommend for consideration. The referring person must complete a Kindergarten Referral form. A Kindergarten Portfolio Checklist with accompanying evidence must be completed by the kindergarten teacher. Completed portfolio and referral will be reviewed by the Eligibility Team to determine which students are to be referred for testing. If testing is determined to be necessary, a Parent Consent to Evaluate form will be sent home. The homeroom teacher must complete the Kindergarten Referral for Testing Program form. Parent/guardian will be notified upon completion of the evaluation process, if needed. Free powerpoint template:

9 Free powerpoint template:
For more information… Free powerpoint template:

10 Discovery 3-5 Miss Kelly

11 Free powerpoint template:
My Mission To challenge students to think for themselves and to develop an enduring love of learning and inquiry, a solid work ethic, and a sense of personal efficacy and responsibility. Through my efforts, I intend for my students to seek lifelong personal growth in every area of their lives – work, school, home, self, and social. I will model these attributes for my students each day as I work with them. I will cultivate partnerships with the families of the students I teach, and I will strive to treat each student with respect in every interaction, showing them that I care about them on a personal level with each and every contact. Free powerpoint template:

12 Free powerpoint template:
Just to make you smile… Free powerpoint template:

13 Possible Units for Third
The Chocolate Caper Pilgrims Athenian Secret New Atlantis Free powerpoint template:

14 Possible Units for Fourth
The “Fun”damental Steps of Writing with Bing, Bang, & Bongo Invent Greek Mythology Free powerpoint template:

15 Possible Units for Fifth
The Election Process Math Quest Greeks Free powerpoint template:

16 Free powerpoint template:
Ongoing for all Grades Editorial Cartoons Blog Video production – Spot on Leopard News Free powerpoint template:

17 Free powerpoint template:
Please be sure to… Check out our learning cottage. Select a wish list item (if you are able). Pick up a Revised Edition of the Discovery Handbook. Check out my blog. Free powerpoint template:

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