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I Coach a Reading Bowl Team: What are my duties?

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2 I Coach a Reading Bowl Team: What are my duties?

3 Begin with Bookmarking the Official Web Page Join the Coaches List serve

4 These are your duties Provide the books Provide a meeting space Register the team Order the shirts Select the team Fill out the forms Review the Rules Locate and Practice on the Quizmatic Make sure everyone shows up

5 1. Provide the Books Public Library Coop Book Fair Book Swap Audio Books

6 Provide copies of the Books Get paperback copies by using vendors such as Baker & Taylor, Bound to Stay Bound, Follett, EconoClad, Permabound and others that carry GA. Book Award copies Buy books on tape Run a power point kiosk on workstations Encourage purchase of personal copies Book fairs should carry copies

7 Georgia Book Award Elementary Nominees 2010Georgia Book Award Elementary Nominees

8 Georgia Book Award Middle School NomineesGeorgia Book Award Middle School Nominees 2010


10 2. Provide the Space to Practice Lunch Bunch Reading Club before or after school Corner in media center Classroom Conference Room

11 3. Register The Team Registration Opens Oct. 16 and closes Dec. 11

12 Pay Registration Fee Register online and mail in your $40.00 team registration fee to GLMA

13 4. Order the shirts

14 Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl T-Shirt Order Form The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl T-Shirts come in sizes S-XXL will be gold with black lettering. Please indicate on the form the quantity and sizes needed. Size Quantity Price Total Small $10.00 Medium 10.00 Large 10.00 XL 11.00 XXL 11.00 Total Amount Of Check $____________ Please make check payable to The Organization of DeKalb Educators. All forms must be returned by February 10 to: Betty Beasley, Teacher-Librarian Lithonia Middle School Lithonia, Georgia 30058 PH. 678-875-0735 Name: ____________________________________________ School: ___________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________

15 5. Select the team Maximum Five Team members Maximum Five alternates Possible Techniques In-house bowl Pecking Written or Oral tests Team members voting

16 Select a Team Recruit a teacher, paraprofessional and/or parent to be co-sponsor and coach Ask teachers for suggestions of students Give test on the books Hold a school level reading bowl Encourage input from students

17 Select A Team Encourage teachers to read books aloud in class Encourage all students to read the Georgia Book Award Nominees Teachers and sponsors make requirement for certain number of books to be read. Secure AR (accelerated reader) test Make multiple copies available

18 Select A Team Establish a literary club or type of lunch bunch where interested students can read and discuss the books on the Georgia Award list. Discuss each book with students as to its theme, plot, characters, settings, etc. Give brief book talks Early January, at the latest, select possible team and alternates

19 Select A Team October or before, meet with team at designated time to review books and practice questions Students, sponsors, coaches make practice questions Use extra students not on team as coaches Encourage students to read at least four (4) of the nominees

20 6. Fill out the forms Parent Letters Photography Permission

21 7. Review the Rules Game Format Each school will participate in six rounds. Each round will consist of 10 questions. Alternates may be substituted between rounds. Teams will receive 10 points for each answer. There will be no penalties for wrong answers. There will be five members on a team and up to five alternates. A school may have no more than one team. Rules may be located at:

22 Review the Rules For the Game/Round Students may hold the buzzer. When the student buzzes in, the console judge must acknowledge the student and team. The answer must be given within 10 seconds by the student who buzzed in. If the answer is incorrect, the question will be repeated for the other team. They will have ten seconds to answer after buzzing in. If neither team buzzes in, the moderator will answer the question and proceed to the next question. Location of Rules:

23 Game Format Rules Continue… If a contestant buzzes before the completion of a question, the moderator stops reading and, after being recognized, the contestant must answer immediately. If an incorrect answer is given, the moderator reads the entire question and the opposing team has an opportunity to answer the question within 10 seconds. Any concern about an answer to a question MUST be addressed by the student to the COACHES before the next question is asked. The moderators decision is final. The student will get the attention of the coach by raising his/her hand. Coaches must stay with your team. You will ask any questions, not a team member, a parent or other visitor. Location of Rules:

24 Winners will be determined in the following manner: The teams with the highest total points from all six of their rounds will be the winners. Winning teams will receive a trophy for their school. In the case of a tie, neither team will receive the trophy that day. Another trophy will be purchased and engraved and presented to each of those teams at a later agreed upon date. There will be first place, second place and third place winning teams. First Place winning team will represent the region in the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl state championship in March, 2009.

25 8. Locate Quizmatics Purchase from Patricks Press P. O. Box 5189 Columbus, Georgia 31906 1-800-654-1052 1-706-322-5806 fax Quik Pro System used by HRRB #613 (2 Teams of 5 players each) $399.00

26 Practice on the Quiz matic

27 9. Organize your Team For Success Who has read the most books? Who has read the most difficult books? Who knows the most titles and authors? Who has read the books no one else would read?

28 10. Visit the Coachs Conference Stay informed Get Updates Ask Questions Share Practice Questions Share Strategies Share Encouragements

29 11. Make Sure They All Show UP January 30, 2010 Regional competitions, 10:00am Distribute maps Get parents committed Schedule a bus Caravan

30 Reminders You are the coach, not a team member Your students are the book experts

31 All attendees and participants are winners, at the end of the day on January 30, 2010.



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