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Atmosphere The blanket of air surrounding Earth..

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1 atmosphere The blanket of air surrounding Earth.

2 atmosphere

3 water cycle The process in which water continuously moves from Earths surface into the atmosphere and back again.

4 Water cycle

5 evaporation The process of a liquid changing into a gas.

6 evaporation

7 condensation The process of a gas changing into liquid.

8 condensation

9 precipitation Water that falls from the air to Earth.

10 precipitation

11 air mass A large body of air that has the same temperature and humidity throughout.

12 air mass

13 front The border where two air masses meet.

14 climate The pattern of weather an area experiences over a long period of time.

15 troposphere The layer of air closest to Earths surfaces.

16 troposphere

17 air pressure The weight of the atmosphere pressing down on Earth.

18 local wind Movements of air that result from local changes in temperature.

19 local wind

20 prevailing wind Global winds that blow constantly from the same direction.

21 prevailing wind

22 humidity A measurement of the amount of water vapor in the air.

23 Google website images atmosphere - water cycle - evaporation - condensation - Precipitation - air mass – troposphere - aviationweather.wslocal wind - prevailing wind –

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