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South Carolina’s New E-Recruitment System:

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1 South Carolina’s New E-Recruitment System:

2 SC State Government’s Current Statewide Recruitment Process
Current website Centralized job postings and decentralized applications Paper laden process

3 NEOGOV Mission: To improve the services public sector agencies deliver to society. Exclusively focused on public sector Over 170 Government Agencies & 25,000 users in 40 States Over 6 Million applications processed annually Customer focused and driven

4 New Processing with NEOGOV…
Job Interest Cards – auto notification of job openings Create & Approve requisitions online Post jobs on central State site Career Seeker applies online Auto screen Minimum Qualifications

5 New Processing with NEOGOV…
Send notices Auto identify “good, better, best” Filter (dept, geog, skills, etc.) Refer applications to Hiring Manager online

6 NEOGOV Implementation: Two Phases
Phase 1 (September 12th) Public Access [Replaces current HRIS page and functions] Posting Accepting Applications Response to Applicants Applicant Pool

7 NEOGOV Implementation: Two Phases
Increased Agency Functionality Job Requisitions (Hiring Manager/Supervisor) Screened electronic applications provided to the hiring authority EEO data collection and reporting

8 Preparation for Go-Live of Phase 1
Complete Phase 1 training OHR provides NEOGOV with job specifications OHR and agencies transition from HRIS to NEOGOV Consider need to post jobs at end of August 2007 Re-post jobs September 12, 2007 OHR publicizes new E-Recruitment system

9 Phase 1 Go-Live September 12, 2007—OHR transfers from HRIS to NEOGOV’s Public has access to new E-Recruitment system

10 Preparation for Go-Live of Phase 2
Agencies identify who their hiring managers are who will need training OHR trains designated agency HR staff, who will train hiring managers—now through December 2007 Complete half-day training sessions of hiring managers—now through December 2007

11 Phase 2 Go-Live OHR & agencies phase in Phase 2—Now through December 2007 Agencies have increased functionality—December 2007

12 Questions

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