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A Look at Bicultural Relationships Roger Williams.

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1 A Look at Bicultural Relationships Roger Williams

2 5% of all marriages are bi-cultural 30 - 35% of all Asian and Hispanic marriages are bi- cultural 2.4% all people multiracial 90% of Deaf children have hearing parents 90% of Deaf adults marry other Deaf adults




6 Survival Skills The Community Your Text here Your Family Multicultural Planning Yourself Cultural Awareness

7 Learn about other culture Know respectful behavior Identify a cultural guide Gain entrée into the community

8 Know your own cultural background Recognize your own stereotypes and biases Gain knowledge of cultural history and heritage Be aware of others perceptions Recognize effects of -ism on the child/partner

9 Language The ArtsCustoms Knowledge Social SupportValues Title Community

10 Identify members of the community Develop a relationship with community organizations

11 Have regular contact with the minority community Have books, magazines, artwork, dolls and toys that are like your child/partner Make friends with adults and families that are multiracial/multiethnic Seeks services and contacts that will support your child/partner

12 Biracial/bicultural adoptions and marriages Misunderstandings Assumptions Social pressure Societal reactions Family response NABSW position paper

13 Education children about realities of _____ism Help child/partner develop strategies to cope with prejudice or _____ism Help the child/partner develop a sense of pride Seek help from adults in the minority community for guidance in how to cope with ____ism Develop strategies to deal with insensitive questions and to discourage bias


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