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Welcome to AreaColumbia MentalHealthCenter. Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

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1 Welcome to AreaColumbia MentalHealthCenter

2 Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

3 If you have an emergency after regular Center hours, call our 24 hour number and a mental health professional will help you decide what to do. 898-8888

4 Please use designated outdoor smoking areas. Smoking is not allowed in any Center building.

5 Drugs and weapons are considered contraband and are not allowed on Center premises.

6 Our Mission You will work closely with a counselor, nurse and doctor to identify and work toward your goals. Your treatment and recovery is our goal.

7 Treatment Plan Development You will be invited (and others you choose to involve) to actively participate in developing your treatment plan, including information regarding transition criteria and procedures.

8 Family Inclusion Please let us know if you have family members or other loved ones involved in your treatment so we can all work together.

9 Eligibility for Services An Assessment by a mental health professional and a psychiatrist will determine if you are eligible for services at CAMHC and what specific program is appropriate for you.

10 Your services will continue until you and your treatment providers feel it is no longer necessary or until you are stable enough to receive services from another provider.

11 Types of Services Help in crisis situations Evaluation by a doctor or other staff Help with medication Individual, family, and group therapy Individual living skills Help with employment and housing Rehabilitation services Coordination with other agencies

12 Treatment Team providers involved in the treatment of the client. Treatment teams may consist of Mental Health Professionals (such as counselors andcase managers) doctors,nurses,client and any or other carefamily members

13 Psychiatric Advance Directive Adults and their families can plan, in advance, the choices related to treatment including hospitalizations. You can talk with your case manager about making an advance directive.

14 How We Bill For Services Charges are set by the State Mental Health Commission. Fees are the same for all clients receiving the same service.

15 Before we can consider giving you a fee reduction, you must provide us with proof of your income. If you are unable to pay full fee for services provided, you may apply for a fee reduction. It is important to give us complete and accurate information to avoid legal penalties.

16 If you cant pay the whole bill, we still give necessary services that our staff members are qualified to provide. We expect you to pay what you are able to pay.

17 If we are not in your health provider network, then you will be responsible for the charges for services. If you have Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance, we will bill them for the services that they will pay for.

18 Your insurance company may require that services be preauthorized. Payment is due when services are rendered.

19 If you have insurance and/or Medicare and Medicaid, we must bill Medicare and/or your insurance before we can bill Medicaid. If you have Medicare or other insurance, you must sign a form so we may bill Medicare or your insurance company.

20 Medicaid payment is payment in full, and we will not bill you or anyone else for the balance. If you have Medicaid but no other insurance, we will bill them at full fee.

21 Please be advised that you are financially responsible for all services received at CAMHC. You will receive a fee schedule for services.

22 We have Entitlement Specialists on staff to assist you in applying for Social Security Disability, SSI or Medicaid benefits. Ask your case manager if you are interested.

23 If you have any questions about your bill or making payments, or if your ability to pay your bill changes, please let us know. Payment is expected when services are received. You may call 898-4880 and choose option 1 for the Client Billing office.

24 Rights and Responsibilities You will be given the CAMHC Client Rights and Responsibilities document. You will be advised how to express concerns/ complaints and how to contact the CAMHC Client Advocate.


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