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Volunteer Orientation Presented by. Ohio Citizen Corps A state program, rooted in local communities designed to engage citizens in hometown security through.

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1 Volunteer Orientation Presented by

2 Ohio Citizen Corps A state program, rooted in local communities designed to engage citizens in hometown security through public education and training Our mission has two separate objectives: 1. Increase knowledge and skills through training and education, producing stronger citizens and safer communities. 2. Establish a pool of volunteers who will supplement first responders in the event of a disaster, saving lives and property. The time to prepare is now before a disaster hits!

3 History of Ohio Citizen Corps State-level council developed in October 2002 – represents state agencies concerned with citizen preparedness County-level Citizen Corps Councils include first responders, community volunteers, elected and appointed officials Meet on a regular basis to manage existing resources and to direct the overall local plans for preparedness, response, and recovery Regional supervisors and coordinators provide technical assistance and training to registered councils


5 Community Emergency Response Team Federal Emergency Management Agency program 20-hour course Educates citizens about the hazards they face in their community Training sessions cover disaster preparedness, fire suppression, basic disaster medical operation, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, terrorism, and team organization

6 Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Support police departments by doing supplemental work Volunteers are trained in non-emergency tasks Example tasks include: clerical tasks, safety education, traffic control, community presentations, searching for missing persons

7 Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) Highly successful crime prevention effort that the National Sheriffs Association has sponsored for more than 30 years Offers citizens the ability to work with law enforcement to prevent and rid neighborhoods of crime and vandalism

8 Ohio Medical Reserve Corps (OMRC) Directed at health professionals Support medical services during emergencies Trained to provide care to victims in major emergencies Members include: physicians, nurses, licensed social workers, behavioral health professionals, vets, dentists, pharmacists, etc.

9 Fire Corps (FC) Support fire and emergency service departments Volunteers are trained to help fire departments in non-emergency activities Provide more resources to the fire departments Examples of activities include: promoting fire prevention, clerical/technical work, fire incident reports, grant writing, etc.

10 Ohio Responds (OR) Unique to the Buckeye State Developed to answer the call for additional resources by having willing Ohio Citizen Corps volunteers ready to respond to a disaster Utilizes the Ohio Citizen Corps Database to quickly and efficiently mobilize volunteers during an emergency – speeds up the process because volunteers have already been pre-identified, credentialed, and trained

11 Process Criteria Apply for registered status Complete approved training course Verify state-issued ID At least 18 years of age Sign up on the Ohio Citizen Corps database State-issued ID is verified Completion of approved training course Background check, if necessary Becoming a Registered Citizen Corps Volunteer

12 After Registration…Then What? An incident occurs… You are contacted by e-mail or phone You are given reporting information Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) Designated site or agency Representative Tasks (pre-known sills, incident specific) Weather related, health related, administrative tasks, skilled trade or licensed operators During and After Service Tips

13 Limited Liability Protection Ohio Revised Code Section 121.404 grants registered volunteers limited immunity for any tort or other civil action while providing services within the scope of the volunteers duties during a declared emergency or during training and exercises. (Civil action includes medical, dental, chiropractic, optometric, veterinary or other health claims.) Limited immunity also covers property damage that may arise from an act or omission of a registered volunteer. Limited immunity will not extend to the willful or wanton misconduct of any registered volunteer.

14 Affiliate Programs & Organizations Volunteers and members interested in helping to make their communities safer – public education, outreach, training Offer communities resources – some have volunteer opportunities to support first responders and disaster relief efforts Examples include: The American Legion American Red Cross Civil Air Patrol Environmental Protection Agency Meals on Wheels Association of America National Crime Prevention Council Operation HOPE, Inc. Save A Life Foundation Veterans of Foreign Wars

15 Ohio Citizen Corps Trainings Volunteer Orientation NIMS / ICS Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Weather Trainings Approved local trainings are listed on the

16 How can you learn more? Attend a Franklin County Citizen Corps Meeting Contact Franklin County Citizen Corps 614.221.6766 ext 205 Social Media: Twitter – Twitter – Facebook – Search FIRSTLINK Facebook – Search Franklin County Citizen Corps

17 Questions? For more information contact: Lee Foster Tessa Mott or 614.221.6766 ext 168 614.221.6766 ext 169

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