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Do Now: Take a few silent minutes to read over the unit calendar.

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1 Do Now: Take a few silent minutes to read over the unit calendar

2 Assignment #1: 5 Themes of Geography

3 Reminders: Late policy review “See Ms. G” HW #1 DUE FRIDAY Binder due by block

4 Exploring the World Around Us What is Geography? – Geo- “the earth” –graphe “to describe” –The study of people, their environments and their resources.

5 5 Themes of Geography

6 Location Location: The exact position on the Earth’s surface, can also be relative. Lines of LATITUDE-measures distances north/south of the Equator. Line of LONGITUDE-measures distances east or west of the Prime meridian.

7 Place Geographers describe places in terms of their unique physical and human characteristics. Physical characteristics: landforms, climate, soil and animal life Human characteristics: people’s way of life-their activities, means of transportation, religion and languages

8 Human Environmental Interaction How people change or adapt to their environment Examples – tunnel, landfill, bridge Can have positive and negatives effects

9 Region An area with its own unifying characteristics. These can be physical characteristics such as landforms or climate. Or-cultural, political, or economic features. One country can belong to several regions

10 Movement Migration Trade- goods exported or imported Spread of ideas Interdependence- dependence of countries on goods, resources and knowledge from other parts of the world.

11 Let’s review Give two examples of how people have reshaped their environment. Two examples of how they have adapted to their environment. How have modern communication and transportation affected movement? Describe 3 different ways to identify the region in which you live

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