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1 A Native American Project Presentation
Plains A Native American Project Presentation

2 Shelter Tepee made of buffalo skin (Great Plains)
Tepee lodges (Central Plains)

3 Food Sources The staple food of the Plains is the buffalo. Corn Beans
Squash They also hunt deer Other small animals Antelope fish

4 Clothing Made Of…. Deer skin Antelope skin Moose skin Buffalo skin

5 Clothing Women made their clothes out of buffalo and deer skin
Boys wore nothing until the age of ten Once they were ten they wore a breech clout In cold weather the men put on robes and high boots made from buffalo hides. The young girls wore breech clouts too.

6 Men’s Roles Hunted animals Protected the community Fought in battles
Taught the boys to fish and hunt Made tools and weapons Traded goods

7 Women’s Roles Took care of the home Collected firewood
Raised the children Quilling and beadwork Packed when time to move Prepare the animal skins for use Helped butcher the animals Gathered berries and other plants Made clothing and other articles Prepared the food Taught the girls the same duties

8 Tribal Game Bowl & Dice Game If you toss:
6 alike: You are awarded 1 flat stick and you toss again. a second-6 alike: you receive 2 flat sticks and you toss again. A third consecutive 6-alike: you are rewarded 3 flat sticks. 5 alike: you are rewarded 3 narrow sticks and you toss again A second 5 alike: you receive 6 narrow sticks and you toss again A third consecutive 5 alike: you are rewarded 1 flat stick 4 or below: you are not rewarded and it’s your opponents turn. Note: In keeping score with the sticks 1 flat stick=three narrow sticks.

9 Ceremonies and Traditions
When a boy reaches the age of twelve, they will go on their first real hunt. Potlatch: The potlatch is a festival or ceremony. At these gatherings a family or hereditary leader hosts guests in their family's house and hold a feast for their guests. The main purpose of the potlatch is the re-distribution and reciprocity of wealth. Sun Dance: Participants danced for four days around a sacred object, and some would inflict harm upon themselves on purpose, all while staring at the sun. They believed this self-sacrifice would encourage powerful spirits to support and defend them. They knew there was a spirit for everything. (exa. a spirit for the grass, sun and trees.) Before they ate, they blessed the food.

10 All About the Buffalo The buffalo is the most important source for the plains people. They used the stomach for water bags They used their horns and bones for tools and weapons. They used the skin for clothing and other articles

11 As Shown……

12 Names of the Tribes of the Plains
Kansa Kiowa-Apache Kitasi Lillooet Lipan-Apache Mandan Missouri Obiwa Omaha Osage Oto Pawnee Ponca Quapaw Sarci Sioux Lakota Dakota Nakota Tankawa Wichita Akira Arapaho Assiniboine Blackfoot Caddo Cheyenne Cree Crow Gros Ventre Hidatsa Iowa

13 Thanks For Viewing This presentation is brought to you by:
Delaney M. Jackson M. Ayanna S. Mikayla R. Sarah K. Nick C.

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