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Pressure and Abstinence Where does pressure to be sexually active come from?

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1 Pressure and Abstinence Where does pressure to be sexually active come from?

2 Internal Physiology- Sexual arousal makes us want to fulfill our biological urges The need to love and be loved my be misinterpreted as need for sexual intimacy Curiosity about sex makes us want to investigate through sexual behaviors

3 External Myths about sex and sexual activity may create pressure Peers and family may make it seem desirable or necessary to be sexually active Sexual stereotypes can be sources of pressure The media almost always falsely depicts sex and sexuality

4 Media Sex often portrayed as being quick, easy, and the goal of relationships Conveys the message to teens that sex is good and carries few consequences Messages from the media can be very powerful, because they are constant, they come from multiple sources, and they reinforce many of the other internal and external pressures for sexual activity.

5 How can we reduce the influence of the pressures for sexual activity? Posses the knowledge of these pressures Analyze media influences Identify and focus on pressures for sexual abstinence – Family values, religious values, goals for the future, physical health, emotional health, maintaining the quality of the relationship, self-respect that comes from following true beliefs and feelings

6 Sexual Abstinence Choosing not to take part in all sexual acts

7 Why is abstinence a responsible choice? Healthy and safe: 100% prevention of pregnancy and disease transmission Think to yourself, who is ready… Shows respect for self and others Follows family values/parental guidelines Demonstrates good character and moral values

8 Shows future spouse that you love them so much that, before you even met them, you were willing to reserve the level of intimacy present during sex for them only

9 How do you remain abstinent? Become involved in activities that make you feel good/ self-esteem Establish goals Develop loving family relationships Be assertive and use decision-making skills Be friends with people who choose abstinence

10 Date people who have chosen abstinence Avoid situations in which you are tempted to have sex Abstain from the use of alcohol and other drugs

11 If you are thinking of having sex soon/ or already do, here are some things to think about

12 Source: Teen Pregnancy Fact Sheet A baby born to a first-time teenage mother is more likely to be premature Low birth weight babies are more common among teenagers. Because of their weight, these babies are 40 times more likely to die within their first month of life A child of a teen mom is more likely to be neglected, physically abused, or abandoned The daughter of an adolescent mother is up to 83% more likely to become a teenage mom herself The son of a teen mom is 2.7 times more likely to be arrested and imprisoned than the son of a mom who waited to have kids until her early 20s

13 Impact on the mother More than 80 percent of teen moms become impoverished and dependent on welfare Only about 3 in 10 adolescent moms earn a high school diploma by the age of 30 During the first 13 years of parenthood, adolescents earn an average of about $5,600 every year.

14 Impact on our society Adolescent childbearing costs US taxpayers an estimated $6.9 billion each year due to increased medical care expenses, welfare, and food stamps When all costs come together, it cost $34 billion every year Teens having kids costs taxpayers roughly $1 billion each year to build and maintain prisons for the sons of young mothers

15 Sample Budget If you make $7/hour x 8 = $56/day $56/day x 5 = $280/week $280 x 52 weeks/year = $14,560/year $14,560 x 33% = $4,368 $14,560-$4,368 = $10,192 which is your take home pay $10,192/12 months = $849.33/month

16 $850 per month Housing for $400/month $150 for food $300 left for… – Car insurance ~ $100-175/month – Gas $, Clothes $, Fun $, Cell phone, internet, cable, car payment… – What about $ to pay for a child?

17 In USA, 1 million girls between 15-19 become pregnant each year 40,000 pregnant teenagers are under the age of 15 Babies of teenage mothers = smaller and less healthy Teenage mothers = have more health problems Why? Because of eating patterns and medical attention

18 Every day… 2,000 teenage girls get pregnant 10,000 teens get a STI 55 youths become HIV positive

19 Parents, no matter what age… Are legally responsible for the care and well-being of their children Many teen moms drop out of school Some fathers don’t help support or care for the child Others drop out of school and work at low-paying jobs

20 Many teenage parents never complete their educations Often live in poverty Many think that “it” won’t happen to them 1 in 6 teens who are sexually active become pregnant

21 Said very flat out, if you are not ready or don’t want to be a parent, DON’T HAVE SEX! That’s the only way to remain childfree You need to ask yourself, is one night… one hour… one minute worth having a responsibility 24/7, 365, for 18 years?

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