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Minnesota College Application Week is now C ollege K nowledge M onth !

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1 Minnesota College Application Week is now C ollege K nowledge M onth !

2 Session Overview College Application Week Historical Background Impact and Implications of 2012 CAW in MN A Look Ahead – the Transition from CAW to CKM College Admission Insights & Use of Volunteers High School Site Coordinator Insights – Cooper HS

3 Historical Background The original Minnesota College Application Week was based on the development of college access initiatives that have occurred in North Carolina. North Carolina created a statewide education collaboration with a primary goal: to increase the college-going rate in the state. One of the most effective means of achieving that goal: Increase college access for those who are the first generation in their families to attend college.

4 What is a Statewide Education Collaboration? Loosely defined, a statewide education collaboration is created when the educational partners within a state are working in unison toward an identified goal (in this case, increasing access to a college education). - public schools - public colleges and universities -private colleges and universities -community colleges -state government

5 About the American Council on Education: ACE represent the presidents of U.S. accredited, degree-granting institutions, which include two- and four-year colleges, private and public universities, and nonprofit and for-profit entities. ACE is consistently at the center of federal policy debates in areas critical to higher education. ACE addresses the rapidly changing needs of Americas colleges and universities by providing research and identifying innovative practices.

6 ACAC is a college application assistance initiative that began in a single North Carolina high school in 2005… ACEs American College Application Campaign is a national effort to increase the number of first- generation and low-income students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential. The primary purpose of this effort is to help high school seniors navigate the complex college admissions process and ensure they apply to at least one postsecondary institution. The effort occurs during the school day, with a focus on students who might not otherwise apply to college.

7 National Steering Committee formed in 2010: American Council on Education U.S. Education Department White House Domestic Policy Council Lumina Foundation The Education Trust National Governors Association Council of Chief State School Officers State Higher Education Executive Officers

8 Minnesota Steering Committee The following Minnesota organizations were represented on the 2012 MN College Application Week Steering Committee: Achieve Minneapolis Chicano Latino Affairs Council (CLAC) Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans (CAPM) Minneapolis Public Schools Minnesota Association for College Admission Counseling (MACAC) Minnesota Association of Counselors of Color (MnACC) Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Minnesota Indian Affairs Council MN Minority Education Partnership/MN College Access Network (MMEP/MCAN) Minnesota Private College Council Minnesota State College and Universities (MnSCU) MN School Counselor Association (MSCA) Office of Higher Education (OHE) Parents United University of Minnesota

9 The Proclamation

10 State Participation Growing… After North Carolina started the program in 2005, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida and Colorado followed. In 2011, Kentucky, Michigan and Minnesota were added to the ranks. 2012 saw the inclusion of Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. The goal is to have a total of 35 states and territories on board for 2013.

11 In 2012, ACAC programs took place in almost 1,600 schools in 24 states and the District of Columbia

12 Minnesota – Impact & Implications

13 Impact in 2012 106 high schools and 5 adult basic education centers statewide Approximately 16,000 students served 185 volunteers Associated with about 25,000 applications – matriculation unknown

14 Impact in 2012 64% Very helpful in establishing college-going culture additional 30% reported it being somewhat helpful 69% Successful at helping under-represented seniors complete at least one college application additional 30% reported it being somewhat successful

15 Volunteers in 2012 44% Heard about the opportunity through MACAC 69% Very positive ratings from volunteers additional 26% reported being somewhat positive 90% Willing to volunteer for the event again additional 7% unsure

16 Application fees Dropping past focus on week-specific waivers Emphasizing instead waivers and fee-free options that are year round Ensuring we have clear and consistent information for all schools and students

17 Application fees As of today, for Minnesotas public and private nonprofit colleges, we know most either: – Waive fees through NACAC form for eligible students based on family income and circumstances, or – Have fee-free application options, especially online U of M & private nonprofit colleges covered by that language MnSCU working to clarify position of its 2- and 4-year institutions; expects language to cover most

18 Reminder on importance 89% Minnesotans agreeing that the number one goal of high schools should be preparing almost all students to enter and succeed at some type of education after high school

19 Reminder on importance

20 A Look Ahead – Transitioning to College Knowledge Month in 2013

21 College Knowledge Month: Frequently Asked Questions (handout) Why was College Application Week changed to College Knowledge Month? What does this mean for a participating school? What are the expectations for participating schools and site coordinators? What support will participating schools and site coordinators receive?




25 MN Office of Higher Education Expanded Integration of CKM Initiative @ OHE Website

26 Planning Timeline June 15 – Preferred Site Registration Deadline August 2 – Volunteer Registration Deadline August 12 – Site Coordinator Resource Manual available online – notified by email August 12 – Site Coordinator Training Webinar available online – notified by email September 1 – Site Coordinators receive volunteer contact information September 20 – Site Coordinator Training Session (9:00 am – 12:00 pm)

27 Site Registration @ OHE website – preferred deadline 6/15/13

28 Volunteer Registration @ MACAC website – preferred deadline 8/2/13

29 Insights from College Admissions The Impetus for Improving College Access: Challenge 1 – Changing demographics Majority of the projected growth is among students who are historically underrepresented in higher education. In particular, Hispanic and African-American students. Often come from lower income families and are likely to be the first in their family to pursue a postsecondary education. Challenge 2 – The cost of college attendance and financial aid Issues Dramatically increasing costs of higher education. Declining value of federal and state grant programs. Challenge 3 – Perceived obstacles Can I really go on to higher education? (is there a college for me)? Can I even afford to go to college?

30 According to the National College Access Network, to be successful, a college access initiative must address these five objectives: Objective 1 – Range of postsecondary opportunities available Objective 2 – Affordability: compensate for limited economic resources. Objective 3 – Academic Preparation: align/ match entrance requirements Objective 4 – Aspiration: need to assist low-income and first generation students to develop broadly-based educational and career goals that may go beyond their immediate frame of reference. Objective 5 – Application: streamline and simplify the application process for admissions and financial aid. (Tafel, 2002)

31 Explore. Plan. Apply! Explore. Suggested activities: Utilize college admissions counselor visits College Board: started started Princeton Review: NAVIANCE Virtual campus tours Schedule campus tours

32 Plan. Suggested activities: Have your students write down questions before the college representative visits Encourage your students to do research prior to the college visit – majors and major requirements – cost and financial aid

33 Apply! Apply to right fit colleges and universities

34 College Application Week 2012 Cooper High School

35 Demographic Breakdown of Seniors Total number of seniors412 American Indian/Alaska Native1 Asian54 Black/African American159 Hispanic/Latino41 Two or more races 9 White148 Free/Reduced Price Lunch 58% First Generation College Students (if you have this information) Didnt have COOPER HIGH SCHOOL New Hope, MN

36 How did we get started?? Enlisted a College Application Week Committee College Counselor, AVID teacher, Career Center Director Attended the MDE College Application Week Training Created a list of ideas for the week When would we do it? What would we do? How would we do it?

37 What did we do? Advisors facilitated advisory lessons 2 weeks before the event Volunteers signed up on the Google Docs created by MDE Made announcements in Advisory, through e-mail, phone dialer, intercom Pep-fest with Goldy and Cooper Hawk – Trivia with college gear give-aways Sent all seniors a pass to their first hour class Decorated the hallways Stepping to College & Pathway to College

38 When did we do it?? College Application Week-Nov. 14-18 th – Every period of the week starting on Monday during 3 rd hour – Scheduled 10-14 students per period in ourCollege Application Computer Lab. – Thursday/Friday- sent out 2 nd passes to students who didnt show up the first time

39 WELCOME TO COLLEGE APPLICATION WEEK! Student Instructions Step 1- Log in to Naviance Step 2- Add colleges to Colleges Im Applying to List Step 3- Go under the college profile and choose Apply Online Step 4- Complete Application -Do you need a teacher recommendation? -Do you need to pay the fee or is it waived? -Do you need an essay? -Have you sent your ACT score yet? Step 5- Request transcript through Naviance Step 1- Check in with College Application Week Mentors Step 2- Create a plan (research colleges in Naviance, create a resume, career interest profiler) **If you are ready to apply, follow the instructions. **If you are not ready to apply, schedule an appointment with your counselor, college counselor, or visit the career center. READY TO APPLY? WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?

40 Now that youve applied….whats next? Call or e-mail the college in 2 weeks to verify that your application is complete In January, fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – Parent/guardian income tax information will be needed in this process – If you need help with the process, come to Coopers Financial Aid Night (Feb. 9 th ) to receive help filling out the online form. We will have financial aid experts available to answer questions In March, you should receive financial aid packages back from the colleges/universities that you applied to. Many students wait to pick their college until they know how much it is going to cost them. May 1 st is the standard deadline for housing for most colleges; however, you should verify the housing deposit deadline with each individual college. In order to get housing, it is important that you have your decision and deposit completed by this date. Continue working hard in all of your classes. Colleges require an end of the year transcript!!

41 Results at Cooper We met with 90% of available seniors – Did not include PSEO or transition students 856 transcripts sent out Student application rates – Start of week= 23% – End of week = 78% 55% increase

42 What about 2013 College Knowledge Month? Ideas for improvement – More lessons in advisory leading up to and during the month – Various presenters throughout the month – Advertise starting in September – Staff will wear buttons Ask me about college! – Celebration event at the end of the month

43 Explore the opportunities CKM provides! Plan to participate on behalf of our students! Apply as a site coordinator or volunteer! THANK YOU!!!

44 Questions? Chris Franken – College Planning & Assessment, Eastview HS (Apple Valley) Norma Gutierrez – Asst. Director of Admissions, U of Minnesota-TC John Manning – Dir. Marketing & Comm., MN Private College Council Laura Ritter – College Counselor, Robbinsdale Cooper HS

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